Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ten on Ten :: February 2016

Good morning from Pure Barre Boulder. Love seeing this view every day. 

How productive can you be the morning that your adult coloring books arrive? 

Love how much new retail we have in the studio right now! 

Took class from one of our new teachers for the first time this morning. While my knee wasn't up to the task, Ali totally rocked it! We have THE BEST team! 

 On Wednesdays, we update the club countdown board. I think I need to shake it up next week with some new creativity.

I'm attempting the Bible in a Year She Reads Truth plan again this year. Right now, I'm in Job and Matthew. So far so good. The major change has come since I changed my reminder from 9:00AM to 2:00PM and I actually listen to the reading on my drive home. 

My new perfume came! This bottle is about three times as big as my usual bottle. That's what I get for shopping online and not paying attention. At least it will last me for forever.

Today was warm (almost 70!) and sunny! I napped after work, so I wanted to get out and get moving before the sun went down. Unfortunately my new favorite shoes got muddy in the process. 

My five o'clock shadow. 

Just in case you forgot who won Super Bowl 50, here's a sunset reminder.

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