Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pure Barre Class #9

I completed my ninth class this afternoon, the last day of my 2 weeks of unlimited Pure Barre.  It's been an awesome 2 weeks, needless to say.  I've taken classes with four different instructors and I feel like I'm already making progress.

Yesterday was Friend Friday, so I was able to bring my sister Rachel along for her first class (free!).  It was fun sharing it with someone I look up to when it comes to fitness and I did enjoy getting an "I'm so sore" text from her today.

My week next week is a little crazy and I'd only be able to go 2 times, so I think I'm going to wait till the week after to take advantage of the 30 days unlimited deal, just to get the most of it.  In the meantime, I have two DVDs and two days of boot camp.

Someone wrote to me on Pinterest (I didn't even know that was possible) with some questions about Pure Barre.  I'm pretty new--only 9 classes in--but I feel like I can give her a good answer.  She asked me if the classes are worth the money and I would say YES!  They have plenty of deals and promotions to make it more affordable.  For me, it's not going to be worth driving 30 minutes each way multiple times a week, which is why I invested in the DVD's.  I'm still going to purchase classes and try to go once or twice a week after my month of unlimited classes is up.  (So Ashley, I hope you see this!  I couldn't respond on Pinterest for some reason and I sent you a Facebook message that went directly to your "other" folder.)

They say you can start noticing changes in your body after just 10 classes.  Well, I have one more class to go then, but I'm starting to see changes already.

I was going to go for a short hike up the Flatirons in Boulder after class today, but when I drove over there it was PACKED!  There were seriously people everywhere and not a parking spot in sight.  Instead, I'm about to take Sasha and Zoey on a long walk since I'm dog-sitting for the weekend and haven't walked (toward the #50MilesInJuly) in two days.

Get your Saturday sweat on!

By the way, I think Pure Barre inspired a dream I had the other night where everyone I knew was always wearing Lululemon work out gear and for whatever reason, I had to get some as well.  Out of curiosity, I went in the store today after class.  Why don't they have sales?  Sheesh!!  Nearly $100 for some work out thank you!

{Both images from the Pure Barre Boulder Facebook page, here.}

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What Is Pure Barre?

I blogged after my first Pure Barre class, here, and then again after my fifth, here.  You may be starting to wonder just what exactly Pure Barre is.
I snagged a little card from the front desk at Pure Barre Boulder to answer some of the questions I still had, and maybe answer some of yours!  Here's what it says:

Pure Barre's mission is to better the lives of women nationwide.  They are a women's lifestyle brand offering more than just a workout class.  They strive to provide you with an experience that not only changes your body, but changes your life.  They offer DVD's, at-home barres, apparel, skin car, and nutrition bars.  They were also big belivers in giving back to our local communities.  Please visit the Pure Give page on for more details.

Pure Barre is over a decade old.  It was launched out of the Detroit area in 2001 and began franchising out of Los Angeles in July 2009.  They are 100+ strong and growing.  For a list of current studios, please visit
What is Pure Barre?
The fastest, most effective way to change your body.
What does it do and how fast?
It lifts your seat, tones your thighs, abs and arms, tapers in your hips and burns fat in record-breaking time.  In just 10 classes, you will see results.  You can do it every day.  For optimal results, it should be done 3-4 times a week.  See for inspirational testimonials!
What will I be doing in class?
A warm up in the center of the room with light weights, exercises consisting of small, isometric movements at the barre to tone your thighs, seat and abs with stretching sections in between, final ab work in the center of the room and end stretching.
What should I NOT be thinking?
"Everyone's looking at me.  I'm not a dancer.  I never was a dancer.  I'm not that coordinated.  I'm not in good enough shape for this calss."  The truth is that everyone is so focused, nobody is watching anybody and as long as you can hold onto the barre, you can do it.
What will I experience?
An effective, fun, fabulous workout with like-minded women.  A sense of community.  Inspiration.  Great products.  A nationwide network.  A transformation of both your body and mind.
What kind of promos are there?
We offer promos for new clients, brides and bridal parties, new moms, and college students.  We also run promos and man fun things throughout the year.
What won't I be doing in class?
Jumping, jarring, kicking, punching, large movements, fast movements, hurting yourself.
What will I hear?
Fantastic, fun music and a teacher on the mic.
What will the teacher do?
Actually teach you instead of getting her own work out in.  Your teacher will set up the exercises and then circulate around the room correcting form to help you get the most of your hour.
What should I wear?
Pants, leggings, or capris you are comfortable in (no shorts), a top that covers your midriff, sticky socks to prevent sliding.

One of my favorite things about Pure Barre is that you stretch the muscles you used after each exercise instead of just stretching everything at the end.  I honestly thought my seat and thighs were going to be out-of-this-world sore after my first class, but they weren't, and I attribute that 100% to the instructors' focus on stretching throughout each class!
This actually answered a lot of my questions and I even learned a few new things too.  In the lobby of the studio, I've seen their gear and equipment, but I had no idea they did skin care and nutritional bars!  I also recently saw a notice for bridal packages, which I think is so awesome!  I had no idea they offer promos for the bridal party too.
If you haven't noticed, I'm totally hooked on Pure Barre.  I took Sunday and Monday off because of activities with my family, but I'm going back this evening and I need it!  I've only been doing it a week and I already feel like two days away is too long.  My body definitely just needed to have a rest day after walking/jogging 22 days in a row and Pure Barre 6 out of 7 days!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pure Barre, 5 Classes In

This morning, I completed my fifth Pure Barre class this week...and ever!  Since I only have 2 weeks of unlimited classes, I'm trying to get in the studio as many times as my body can handle!

Before my first class on Sunday, I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  I assumed the class would be chalk full of girls around my age (and I was right).  I assumed it would be hard work (and I was right).  I assumed my butt and thighs would be incredibly sore on Monday morning and I was SO wrong.  No, Monday morning, I could hardly get out of bed because my upper abs were dead.  It hurt to sneeze, to cough, to laugh, even to turn around.

I went back on Monday evening and noticed the instructor (who was the same as Sunday afternoon) only corrected my form once instead of a handful of times.  I was already making progress!  I struggled with the portion of class that focused on the core, just because I didn't think my poor abs could take much more.  (That's a lot of rhyming!)

On Tuesday morning, I woke up less sore than the day before.  All day, I couldn't wait to get to class.  Tuesday's class was a little easier because I seemed to have the general form down, but that also made it a little harder because I was really focused on isolating my muscles and squeezing them to work harder.  After class, I bought some equipment and two DVDs.  {Mile High and 16th Street}

I took Wednesday off, because I usually have boot camp, but we were out celebrating my sister's birthday instead.  I was back in the studio on Thursday evening and it seemed like right after I parked my car, I lost all energy.  Thursday was another different instructor and she was fantastic.  I loved her energy and she was just the motivation I needed to work hard.  My first three classes had been very similar, mixing up one or two sections with different moves, but I felt like Thursdays class had a lot of new things.  And it was HARD!

On Friday, I stayed home again, but did one of my new videos, Mile High.  The work out was actually only about 35 minutes long, even though the DVD case says it's 45.  It's a lot of the same moves I've seen in class, but it cut out the arm section that we do in class with free weights and, so far, every class I've been to has ended with some extra work in a bridge position.  It was still good though and made me sweat about 35 minutes worth.  I was wondering why it was called Mile High.  It was filmed in Denver...duh! 

I did my fifth class this morning.  I also saw a guy in the studio for the first time, as the 8:30 class cleared out.  Class this morning was tough and I know my thighs are really working hard every day I'm there, which is exactly what I need.  I got a tall iced soy chai after class this morning.  I can't wait to start my second week on Monday!

I really like going to the studio, but it's not ideal to drive 20-30 minutes (depending on traffic) multiple times a week.  I can score a sweet deal for new clients for 30 days of unlimited classes for just $100 and after that, I'll probably buy 20 classes at a time and go once a week and do the videos a couple of days at home.

Needless to say, I'm a Pure Barre convert.  I still love going to Christian's boot camp on Wednesdays, walking multiple times a week, and yoga, spinning, and swimming occasionally.  But Pure Barre seems to be designed for exactly how I want to change my body.  I want to burn fat, and lengthen, strengthen, and tone my muscles.

Pure Barre is in 35 states and DC.  Look here to see if there's a studio near you!

Monday, July 15, 2013

2 Weeks of Unlimited Pure Barre

If you watch The Bachelor, you may have heard of Ashley Spivey.  She was on Brad 2.0's season and was sent home on the dreaded two-on-one date in Las Vegas while her Bachelor BFF Ashley Hebert stayed (and eventually became The Bachelorette and eventually married J.P. Rosenbaum on national TV where Ashley Spivey served as a bridesmaid).  But who's keeping track, right?
Anyway, Ashley S. used to write the BEST recaps for the franchise, but they have since done away with former contestant blogs.  Still, I follow her on Twitter and Instagram because she's super funny, super fit, and living the life in New York City.
Ashley has a body that was made for Herve Leger and I've been curious for a while how she does it.  Well, she has posted here and there about Pure Barre and I finally looked into it.  And just in time!  Pure Barre Boulder was offering 2 weeks of unlimited classes for just $39, which is great because when I saw one class is $23, I was a little reluctant.  I did some research and called to ask some questions and then finally decided to enjoy some classes and hopefully see some results.

I'll try to post updates about my Pure Barre journey here, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on Instagram.  In the meantime, I recently found a fellow Colorado blogger, Amanda, who has been doing Pure Barre for some time and has posted pictures of her before and after body.  She looks great!  Read her blog here.

My first class was yesterday afternoon and I'll be back again tonight.  I'm trying to get 8 to 10 classes in during my 2 week unlimited period since they recommend 3-5 times a week.  I was afraid my thighs and buns would be incredibly sore this morning, but it's actually my abs.  Having sore abs makes things like blowing your nose and turning around pretty torturous!

After class yesterday, since it was pretty cool in Colorado this weekend, I walked two miles along Boulder Creek.  It's nice to get a change of scenery in my #50MilesInJuly challenge and makes driving to Boulder a little more worth it since I'm spending more time there.  After this weekend, I've done almost 29 miles over 15 walks.  Tonight, I'm going to squeeze in a quick walk before heading to the mall to do some shopping for my Cara Box.

Finally, if I say this publicly, I might hold myself more accountable: This week is the beginning of water only for me!  I was really good about not drinking soda for a while, but I'm back on the Coke train.  Other than my morning homemade smoothies, I'm not going to let myself drink ANYTHING but water.  No soda, no chai, no alcohol, etc.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ten on Ten :: July 2013

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!

Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!

This month begins my FOURTH year doing Ten on Ten.

 A slow day at work means I can catch up in Westeros.

Enjoying a picnic lunch outside, before it got too hot.

Saying goodbye to Bagheera before returning to work.

Too much of my work is done on these mini cassette tapes from the 1990's.

Having a surprisingly good hair day for my "bangs".  Disclaimer: I don't actually have bangs, just front hair.

Wearing a favorite dress as a blouse to work today.  This must be my 10th skirt because I wore it July 10, 2012 and June 10, 2013!

Walking to boot camp with my fitness inspiration, Rachel.

Another Wednesday night boot camp leaving me tired and sore.

Second night in a row eating caprese salad on bread, with a side of chicken breast.

Squeezing in a quick walk during sunset to add toward my goal of #50MilesInJuly.

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