Monday, August 10, 2015

Ten on Ten :: August 2015

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Starting the week doing Paddleboard Yoga isn't a bad thing at all. It was a beautiful morning at Boulder Res.  

Lemon Ricotta pancakes with a side of bacon. Successful first time at Tangerine in North Boulder! 

 Attempting to get a few things done at my messy desk. Hurley had some other plans.

 Now that I wear barre clothes five days a week, I especially like to dress up outside of work. I don't have too much longer in summer dresses!

Meeting some amazing friends at my favorite spot.

 Handlebar cider and sunshine. What could be better? (Too bad I forgot to get a snap of my delicious pizza.)

Had to make a pit-stop for an exchange. (Left with a few other things too...)

 After I got home, I realized that two of the tees I bought were the EXACT same colors as two tunics I bought from Nordstrom last week.
{Tunics | Tee}

A day without Jimmy Fallon is a day wasted. Loved hearing Ice Cube talk about Straight Outta Compton (from Wednesday's episode). Can't wait to see the movie!

 My FitBit thinks I had a pretty lazy day since I didn't wear it during Paddleboard Yoga, but I did have a pretty lazy day after that anyway. I actually got to 4,333 since I realized I had to go to the store for lunch tomorrow after I had already gotten ready for bed.

Monday, August 03, 2015

August 2015 Goals

A look back at July: 

{Spiritual} Make meaningful connections on the rafting trip and as a Merge leader. I did okay with this, but there's always room for improvement. To be completely honest, sometimes I forgot that it was my responsibility to reach out to people as a leader. But I did connect with some awesome people on the rafting trip and met new people on Thursday nights. That's good.

{Financial} Reevaluate my finances and my financial goals. Fail. Fail. Fail. I need to do that this month because my finances have continued to slip away from me.

{Social} Spend as much time with Scott as possible. I'd say this was accomplished. We had a family BBQ the day he got home, spent the next day all together in Denver, had a sibling cookout one night, and Scott and I had lunch together one day. It was great seeing him. It's weird that he's already been in South Korea for like two weeks.  

{Mental} Finish The World of Ice and Fire. Nope. I don't even know if I opened it once. My new reading nook is looking awfully lonely.

{Physical} Take 18 Pure Barre classes. 20! Boom! It would have just been 18, but I took 2 a day on the 29th and 30th!

{Personal} Meet the preset Fitbit goals. Well, I didn't get there every day. But I'm either at or close to 10,000 steps almost every day now because of my new job. With taking Pure Barre about five days a week and having recently signed up for Class Pass, I'm burning more calories. I'm still drinking plenty of water, but I'm also drinking other calories on the regular and I need to cut that out. I would like to get back into walking to meet the distance goals each day. But over all, compared to June, I crushed it.

{Professional} Kill it in my first month at my new job. I'd say yes.

And onto August: 

{Spiritual} Get back into the #Bible365 reading plan. I've been terrible with this for the last two months. I think the last day I did was around June 7th, so I need to catch back up and put it back in my daily routine.

{Financial} Reevaluate my finances and my financial goals. I didn't do this last month and I'd like to spend less money this month and going forward, particularly in regards to eating out. I need to sit down and go over my budget and my goals with my new income. There are some big ticket items that I'd like to see in my future that I need to start planning for now.

{Social} Actually enjoy my birthday this year. I don't have a long track record of great birthdays. A handful of years stick out as particularly unenjoyable, but this year I'll be in my favorite place in Colorado and hopefully my expectations are low enough to surpass.

{Mental} Set aside a half hour of quite time every day. After starting my new job, I feel like I'm constantly on the go. I absolutely love it, but I think it's easy to feel like I'm constantly working because I'm always reachable by email, phone, or text. It's hard for me to mentally turn off when I leave work, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I do need to find balance. I'd like to set aside 30 minutes a day to just be. No work, no phone, no Netflix/Hulu, just me.
{Physical} Use ClassPass at least 10 times this cycle. I signed up for ClassPass last week, so my first 30 day cycle ends on August 27th. In order for me to justify the cost, I'd like to go to at least 10 classes per cycle. So far, I've done 4, so it should be attainable. (I've gone to Beat Cycle twice, BOCO Fit once, and done Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga once.) I should write a blog post about this.

{Personal} Cut back on eating out. This is, I'm finding, a side effect of my new job. Since I work on the mall, there is a plethora of restaurants easily accessible, even if a lot of them are on the healthier side. (Thanks, Boulder!) But it has certainly added up and I simply can't afford to eat out as much as I have been. In addition, rather than beginning to lose weight because I'm working out more frequently and mostly eating better, I'm gaining weight because I'm not preparing my own food, eating at random times, and eating American restaurant size portions, none of which are good for me!

{Professional} Find a rhythm and routine at my new job. I am absolutely loving working at Pure Barre full time, but it's been a lot of work already and requires a lot of multitasking, planning ahead, and balancing. I need to find a good routine to accomplish everything on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis, as well as the occasional curve balls I'm thrown.