Saturday, June 19, 2010

How Cute

After receiving word from the Humane Society earlier this week, I found out I'll be keeping these babies a little longer.  Regular procedure is that they get fixed when they're all two pounds and then they stay another week to heal, then it's on to the adoption floor and a new home.  Well, apparently there is a plethora of cats on the adoption floor, so there's no room for my babies.  It's gonna be hard to give these guys up, I tell ya.

Secondly, the other day I went into the bathroom in the morning--where they live--to get ready for work and Gena jumps into the tub.  I didn't think much of it because they spend a lot of time in there since, during the night, it's the coolest place in the bathroom.  I look over a little while later and she's up on her two hind legs staring at her reflection in the faucet.  I kid you not.  She even put her paw up to the reflection of her paw, like a high five.  Adorable.  Yet so narcissistic.

Her brother Garrett, on the other hand, is a changing boy.  I call him Benjamin Button now (formally The Hulk), because in the last few days his back has gone from completely black to having a huge white stripe down the middle.  He's always had white hairs scattered amongst the black hairs on his front legs, but now they're covering his face as well.  It's crazy.  Literally every day he's more white.  By next week he'll look exactly like a skunk!

By the way guys, I would still love to hear your input on this post.