Thursday, September 26, 2013

Park City

Holy changes, Batman! After blogging for three and a half years, I feel like I'm finally in love with my blog. I have a new blog design, a new name (for the third time), and I just can't get enough of it. Please make note of some changes if you'd like to follow along with Hannah, Here!

New blog URL:
New email address:
New Bloglovin URL:
New Facebook URL:
New Pinterest handle:
Same Twitter handle:
Same Instagram handle:

I wanted all of my social media to have the same user name and I wanted all of my blog links to reflect the new name and domain name. Take note: no longer works! If you use that URL, it gives you an error. {If you know how I can forward readers from there, please let me know.} All of my social media icons on the sidebar are updated and correct.

Thank you to Tricia Nae for the beautiful new blog design and thank you to all of my readers for your patience as I make this HUGE change.


1. A great place for breakfast in Salt Lake is Eggs in the City. Loved it! | 2. I was dying to go to Park City and it's one of Julie's favorite weekend activies. | 3. Julie spotted this ski fence so we had to stop for pictures. | 4. Both of us! | 5. We hung out with the guys from Share Brands all weekend and they did a charity walk that morning called Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. So cool. Look them up! | 6. Fried donuts, yes please! | 7. Park City is now my favorite place. I want to go back every weekend. | 8. We had the perfect fall weather: it was chilly and overcast. I loved it. | 9. We took a pit stop at the Olympic Training Facilities and looked at the ski museum. | 10. And the real reason I went to Utah: In-N-Out!

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Salt Lake City

1. Asian pears from the Farmer's Market made for a good breakfast the next two days. | 2. It was the first time I've ever "juiced" and it was delicious! | 3. After Julie's company picnic, we walked around Sugar House Park. | 4. Wasatch Mountains from Sugar House Park. | 5. Time to kill in the afternoon, so we had our first-ever Brewvies experience and had a rum and Coke during This is the End. | 6. Julie said The Sweet Tooth Fairy is a must and it did not disappoint.  Best red velvet cupcake I've ever had, so Julie better bring a dozen home for Thanksgiving! | 7. We drove around the city and saw all the sights. | 8. We met up with two of Julie's coworkers for dinner at a great place called Takashi. | 9. Julie was my go-to sushi partner in Colorado, so sushi was a must in Salt Lake. | 10. After dinner we headed back to her apartment to watch the Utah-BYU showdown with some friends.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Direwolf Kittens

On Wednesday, I picked up three kittens from the Humane Society.  They came from a litter of six, but they split them into two groups of three--the boys and the girls.  I got the three girls and decided to change their names to Lady, Nymeria, and Summer, after three of the Direwolfs from Game of Thrones.  You best believe if I had gotten their three brothers their names would be Rheagal, Viserion, and Drogon!

They're only four weeks old and by far the youngest and smallest kittens we've ever had.  Summer has to be the runt of the litter.  The first day I brought them home, you could feel every bone in her body and she would only eat from a syringe.

Unfortunately, after I left for work on Thursday morning, I wasn't able to get back home until Saturday afternoon.  My mom and my sister were able to take care of them while I was stuck on the north side of the flooded river, and I'm so thankful for that!  By the time I got back, all three kittens had gained weight and my mom had cleaned them all up quite a bit.

They are the sweetest kittens.  A lot of kittens we get are weary of people and hide for a few days before they get used to us.  These three cry if we leave the room and just want to cuddle with us.

I'm excited that they'll be with us for a while.  They need to be at least 2 pounds, at least 8 weeks, and healthy to get fixed, and then we get to keep them at least a week after that.  I'm going to treasure every moment with them!

{Please excuse my legs and/or feet in some of the pictures of them.  Like I said, they like to cuddle!  And please pardon their dirty faces.  They haven't quite figured out how to clean themselves yet.  We're working on it.}

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ten on Ten :: September 2013

This month was my first Ten on Ten with my knew camera, a Nikon D3000.

{11:00} Who knew there was a fifth book in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series?  Seriously, raise your hand.

{12:00} I'm loving my new camera.

{1:00} To say it poured yesterday would be an understatement. There are puddles everywhere and it's still drizzling!

{2:00} Since I almost fell asleep on my lunch break (okay, maybe I did), I stopped by Starbucks for a little pick-me-up: pumpkin soy chai.

{3:00} The end of the work day means it's time to kick off the heels.

{4:00} Instead of being the hottest time of the day, it was nice and cool, so I went for a walk.

{5:00} My doctor told me to take some time off from Pure Barre, but I find a few minutes (almost) every day to squeeze in some Pure Barre arms.

{6:00} Dressing up a frizzy top knot with a simple braid.

{7:00} A change in dinner plans calls for Taco Tuesday at Christian's house with all the left over hamburger meat from Sunday.

{8:00} It's not a real Ten on Ten without an animal appearance.  Tonight's feature: Sasha Sue!

ten on ten button

Friday, September 06, 2013

Pure Barre Update

I just completed a month of unlimited Pure Barre, so I figured I'd give an update on my new favorite exercise.  Unfortunately, I've been experiencing major knee pain the last few weeks that has gotten progressively worse this week, so I haven't actually been since Monday and it's killing me!  I went to my doctor yesterday and she said I need to take it easy for at least 10 days, then ease back into it.  (Insert crying face here.)

One major thing I noticed these past four weeks is that my abs are WEAK!  I really like taking classes with a variety of instructors because all of them say to pull your abs in for the core work, but one of them mentioned that if you're abs are sticking out, you're working under your abs, not your abs.  Hello!

Pure Barre has definitely helped with my posture as well.  I constantly catch myself hunching over and slouching (especially at my desk at work), but simply tucking your hips under straightens your back and corrects bad posture.

Here are some of my Pure Barre tips:

- Push yourself to stay in the pose. {I think I would have made more progress in less time if I wouldn't give myself a break for just a second and come out of the pose.}

- Add cardio. {PB is great for toning and getting the muscles you want, but if you're trying to lose weight or wanting to keep your heart healthy, still add at least 30 minutes of cardio for every 60 minutes of PB.  That's just my rule of thumb.}

- Focus on your workout, and just your workout. {If you're not going to devote the whole class to yourself, don't waste your money.  Stop telling yourself you can't and just do it.  Leave everything at the door and I promise you'll leave feeling better than before.}

- Stick with it. {When you start doing Pure Barre, keep doing Pure Barre!  Figure out how many times you can go a week and set a schedule for yourself.  It's hard to get back into after a break and you're doing such great work on your body, why reverse the results by taking some time off?}

- Don't be intimidated. {Try not to focus on the other girls at all and focus on yourself, but when you're new, it can be useful to check your form on someone who knows what she's doing.  Still, everybody went to a first Pure Barre class, and everybody's body is different.  The instructors are there to help you and encourage you.}

Ever since I started Pure Barre, I've been noticing it all over the place and I've found some really great reads on other blogs about PB.  One of my favorites is "8 Things I Learned About Blogging From Pure Barre" by Gretchen.  Another favorite was when Amanda recapped Carrie Dorr's Top 5 Tips.  Another is by Kathryn who was guest posting for Katie.

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