Friday, September 06, 2013

Pure Barre Update

I just completed a month of unlimited Pure Barre, so I figured I'd give an update on my new favorite exercise.  Unfortunately, I've been experiencing major knee pain the last few weeks that has gotten progressively worse this week, so I haven't actually been since Monday and it's killing me!  I went to my doctor yesterday and she said I need to take it easy for at least 10 days, then ease back into it.  (Insert crying face here.)

One major thing I noticed these past four weeks is that my abs are WEAK!  I really like taking classes with a variety of instructors because all of them say to pull your abs in for the core work, but one of them mentioned that if you're abs are sticking out, you're working under your abs, not your abs.  Hello!

Pure Barre has definitely helped with my posture as well.  I constantly catch myself hunching over and slouching (especially at my desk at work), but simply tucking your hips under straightens your back and corrects bad posture.

Here are some of my Pure Barre tips:

- Push yourself to stay in the pose. {I think I would have made more progress in less time if I wouldn't give myself a break for just a second and come out of the pose.}

- Add cardio. {PB is great for toning and getting the muscles you want, but if you're trying to lose weight or wanting to keep your heart healthy, still add at least 30 minutes of cardio for every 60 minutes of PB.  That's just my rule of thumb.}

- Focus on your workout, and just your workout. {If you're not going to devote the whole class to yourself, don't waste your money.  Stop telling yourself you can't and just do it.  Leave everything at the door and I promise you'll leave feeling better than before.}

- Stick with it. {When you start doing Pure Barre, keep doing Pure Barre!  Figure out how many times you can go a week and set a schedule for yourself.  It's hard to get back into after a break and you're doing such great work on your body, why reverse the results by taking some time off?}

- Don't be intimidated. {Try not to focus on the other girls at all and focus on yourself, but when you're new, it can be useful to check your form on someone who knows what she's doing.  Still, everybody went to a first Pure Barre class, and everybody's body is different.  The instructors are there to help you and encourage you.}

Ever since I started Pure Barre, I've been noticing it all over the place and I've found some really great reads on other blogs about PB.  One of my favorites is "8 Things I Learned About Blogging From Pure Barre" by Gretchen.  Another favorite was when Amanda recapped Carrie Dorr's Top 5 Tips.  Another is by Kathryn who was guest posting for Katie.

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