Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pure Barre Class #9

I completed my ninth class this afternoon, the last day of my 2 weeks of unlimited Pure Barre.  It's been an awesome 2 weeks, needless to say.  I've taken classes with four different instructors and I feel like I'm already making progress.

Yesterday was Friend Friday, so I was able to bring my sister Rachel along for her first class (free!).  It was fun sharing it with someone I look up to when it comes to fitness and I did enjoy getting an "I'm so sore" text from her today.

My week next week is a little crazy and I'd only be able to go 2 times, so I think I'm going to wait till the week after to take advantage of the 30 days unlimited deal, just to get the most of it.  In the meantime, I have two DVDs and two days of boot camp.

Someone wrote to me on Pinterest (I didn't even know that was possible) with some questions about Pure Barre.  I'm pretty new--only 9 classes in--but I feel like I can give her a good answer.  She asked me if the classes are worth the money and I would say YES!  They have plenty of deals and promotions to make it more affordable.  For me, it's not going to be worth driving 30 minutes each way multiple times a week, which is why I invested in the DVD's.  I'm still going to purchase classes and try to go once or twice a week after my month of unlimited classes is up.  (So Ashley, I hope you see this!  I couldn't respond on Pinterest for some reason and I sent you a Facebook message that went directly to your "other" folder.)

They say you can start noticing changes in your body after just 10 classes.  Well, I have one more class to go then, but I'm starting to see changes already.

I was going to go for a short hike up the Flatirons in Boulder after class today, but when I drove over there it was PACKED!  There were seriously people everywhere and not a parking spot in sight.  Instead, I'm about to take Sasha and Zoey on a long walk since I'm dog-sitting for the weekend and haven't walked (toward the #50MilesInJuly) in two days.

Get your Saturday sweat on!

By the way, I think Pure Barre inspired a dream I had the other night where everyone I knew was always wearing Lululemon work out gear and for whatever reason, I had to get some as well.  Out of curiosity, I went in the store today after class.  Why don't they have sales?  Sheesh!!  Nearly $100 for some work out thank you!

{Both images from the Pure Barre Boulder Facebook page, here.}

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