Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What Is Pure Barre?

I blogged after my first Pure Barre class, here, and then again after my fifth, here.  You may be starting to wonder just what exactly Pure Barre is.
I snagged a little card from the front desk at Pure Barre Boulder to answer some of the questions I still had, and maybe answer some of yours!  Here's what it says:

Pure Barre's mission is to better the lives of women nationwide.  They are a women's lifestyle brand offering more than just a workout class.  They strive to provide you with an experience that not only changes your body, but changes your life.  They offer DVD's, at-home barres, apparel, skin car, and nutrition bars.  They were also big belivers in giving back to our local communities.  Please visit the Pure Give page on purebarre.com for more details.

Pure Barre is over a decade old.  It was launched out of the Detroit area in 2001 and began franchising out of Los Angeles in July 2009.  They are 100+ strong and growing.  For a list of current studios, please visit purebarre.com.
What is Pure Barre?
The fastest, most effective way to change your body.
What does it do and how fast?
It lifts your seat, tones your thighs, abs and arms, tapers in your hips and burns fat in record-breaking time.  In just 10 classes, you will see results.  You can do it every day.  For optimal results, it should be done 3-4 times a week.  See purebarre.com for inspirational testimonials!
What will I be doing in class?
A warm up in the center of the room with light weights, exercises consisting of small, isometric movements at the barre to tone your thighs, seat and abs with stretching sections in between, final ab work in the center of the room and end stretching.
What should I NOT be thinking?
"Everyone's looking at me.  I'm not a dancer.  I never was a dancer.  I'm not that coordinated.  I'm not in good enough shape for this calss."  The truth is that everyone is so focused, nobody is watching anybody and as long as you can hold onto the barre, you can do it.
What will I experience?
An effective, fun, fabulous workout with like-minded women.  A sense of community.  Inspiration.  Great products.  A nationwide network.  A transformation of both your body and mind.
What kind of promos are there?
We offer promos for new clients, brides and bridal parties, new moms, and college students.  We also run promos and man fun things throughout the year.
What won't I be doing in class?
Jumping, jarring, kicking, punching, large movements, fast movements, hurting yourself.
What will I hear?
Fantastic, fun music and a teacher on the mic.
What will the teacher do?
Actually teach you instead of getting her own work out in.  Your teacher will set up the exercises and then circulate around the room correcting form to help you get the most of your hour.
What should I wear?
Pants, leggings, or capris you are comfortable in (no shorts), a top that covers your midriff, sticky socks to prevent sliding.

One of my favorite things about Pure Barre is that you stretch the muscles you used after each exercise instead of just stretching everything at the end.  I honestly thought my seat and thighs were going to be out-of-this-world sore after my first class, but they weren't, and I attribute that 100% to the instructors' focus on stretching throughout each class!
This actually answered a lot of my questions and I even learned a few new things too.  In the lobby of the studio, I've seen their gear and equipment, but I had no idea they did skin care and nutritional bars!  I also recently saw a notice for bridal packages, which I think is so awesome!  I had no idea they offer promos for the bridal party too.
If you haven't noticed, I'm totally hooked on Pure Barre.  I took Sunday and Monday off because of activities with my family, but I'm going back this evening and I need it!  I've only been doing it a week and I already feel like two days away is too long.  My body definitely just needed to have a rest day after walking/jogging 22 days in a row and Pure Barre 6 out of 7 days!

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