Friday, August 23, 2013

San Diego - Day 3

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I barely slept on Saturday night.  In fact, I did all my sleeping on Sunday morning, so I wasn't up till about noon.  We had another low-key relaxing day, and one with only a few pictures.

Christian and I drove to La Jolla so he could show me around.  There were people everywhere, though, so we didn't stay long.  However, we watched the waves roll in for a while and watched people snorkeling and kayaking.  We were also highly entertained by a pair of seals.

 We went back to Ocean Beach to eat at Pizza Port.  I've heard from just about everyone I've talked to about San Diego that this was a must.  It didn't disappoint.  Christian and I split a medium pizza (and didn't finish it) and it was amazing.  They also have a great selection of beer apparently, but since I still wasn't feeling 100%, I stuck to water.  Christian seemed to like the beer though.  It had a cool laid-back atmosphere too.  Great place for lunch!

That night (not shortly after our super late lunch), Jay hosted a dinner party with four of his friends.  It was a nice, enjoyable evening and Jay's seafood lasagna was great.  I could barely stay awake though, so I called it an early night yet again.

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  1. Bummer that you didn't feel well! That pizza looks AMAZING :)