Thursday, August 22, 2013

San Deigo - Day 2

Day 1

Saturday started off with breakfast at Jay's house before Christian and I headed west (just a few miles) to the beach.  We parked at his mom's house, the house where he grew up, and then did a 2-mile walk along Sunset Cliffs and through the neighborhood.  It was pretty cool listening to him tell stories about specific places that we passed.

We had great beach weather, so we headed down to a small beach that wasn't crowded at all.  The longer we stayed, the more the people trickled down from the road above us, but it was still quiet and relaxing.  We read and played a new favorite game, Quiddler.  I put my toes in the water and it was pretty cold, so that was as much time either of us spent in the ocean.

For lunch, we drove to Ocean Beach to go to a place Christian likes that was also recommended by some friends of my sister, South Beach Bar & Grille.  They're known for their huge fish tacos.  We shared some ceviche, which I've never had before and was super yummy, and I got a mango colada (okay, two), which was probably the best drink I've ever had.  For lunch, I got a lobster taco and a classic fish taco and they did not disappoint!

With the beach just a few steps away, we checked out Ocean Beach and walked out onto the pier.  Christian pointed out different parts of San Diego and La Jolla that you could see from the end of the pier.  It was a good view of the mainland.

After a nap (and more reading) back at headquarters, we got ready to go out to dinner with Jay.  He took us to one of his favorite restaurants, Au Revoir in Hillcrest.  It was to die for!  I had the ribeye special that came with lavendar fries (OMG, yum!) and asparagus.  It was delicious!

Jay dropped us off downtown after dinner and we waited for Christian's friend at Yard House, which is a boring chain.  Later, we met up with Christian's friend Greg at his bar Hennessy's Tavern.  The guys played pool and I listened to a funk band that was covering some current popular music (think "Blurred Lines" and "Get Lucky").  After that, we checked out Vibe, a sushi place turned bar, and Gaslamp Tavern.  Unfortunately, I was feeling like total crap and we called it a night at about 12:00. 

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  1. And more restaurants to take note of ;) You're making me so excited for next weekend!