Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ten on Ten :: May 2016

This is no where near my favorite set. In fact, these pictures are actually from May 11th because May 10th turned out to be too crazy for photos. I trained someone at work, I had a lengthy meeting, I saw Captain America, and I went to bed.

Literally nothing beats this view. 

A year ago on Twitter, I announced I was going to start using colored pens in my planner. (I used to only use black pen and different colored highlighters.) I'm still color-coded, but last week I started being more creative with washi tape, different lettering, more stickers, etc.

I had to get three fillings today. I thought I was getting one and the dentist thought I was getting four. We decided to wait to do the other one so my entire mouth wasn't completely numb. It was honestly a horrible experience (mostly afterward). The only other time I can remember getting a filling, I didn't get numb for it.

I'm obsessed with chalkboard art and lettering.

 It was the second time wearing my hair like this and I keep getting compliments, so I think I'll go with it!

It's kind of crazy to think that Instagram was the catalyst for landing me my current job. I took over the studio's Instagram when the owners were impressed with my personal page and seven months later, I'm working there full time. One of the first things I did was spruce up the bathrooms with these little bulletin boards with our Instagram pictures. I just ordered 24 more (from Social Print Studio) and added them to the boards. 

I had to catch up with my daily Bible reading (since the 8th) and my prayer journal (since the 5th). I'm supposed to finish Judges today.

I waited until about 3:00 to eat lunch because after the numbness wore off, my mouth was killing me. Eating still wasn't fun, five hours later.

I finished Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt last week and I'm now onto Grace and Frankie. I LOVE this show. I started from season one again, so I just started season two today. Last year my mom and I were talking about it while we were cooking and at the exact same time we both stopped, turned to each other, and exclaimed, "I can't believe Jane Fonda is 77!" It was the best mother-daughter moment ever!

Unfortunately I spent the afternoon waiting for a phone call that never came (at least I was watching Grace & Frankie) and trying not to think about how much my mouth was hurting. But these flowers are still doing okay a week in!

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