Monday, May 02, 2016

May 2016 Goals


{Spiritual} Focus on my daily Bible reading. I'm still on track, but lately it's been a little tough to focus on the Old Testament stuff. It seems like the last week or so has just been lists of people or land.

{Financial} Don't use my credit cards at all for 30 days. Nope, and I actually used one quite a bit in the last week.

{Social} Successfully host my fourth annual Game of Thrones viewing party. Well, I hosted. I guess you could call it successful. I didn't really take any pictures though.

{Mental} Read a book. Nope.
{Physical} Start doing yoga again. Nope.

{Personal} Only eat carbs, dairy, and/or sugar at one meal. Nope.

{Professional} Begin work on the barre displays. Nope.


{Spiritual} Break down my Bible study moreI've been doing a Bible study through Merge. My friend and I meet once a week to go over the week's homework and we just decided to start another study by Jen Wilkin to do concurrently. I've been in the habit of doing it all on one day, but it's actually designed to be done in smaller segments every day. I'd like to be doing that instead, especially with doing two at once.

{Financial} Don't use my credit card at all for 31 daysI'm going to try it again this month. So far, so good.

{Social} Meet with people outside of Merge at least once a week during the hiatusMerge is on a break in May before starting up again in the summer. I'd like to keep that night of socializing with people, since I've made a lot of great new friends in the last few months.

{Mental} Practice typography and learn new fonts. Chalkboard art is something I've started doing at work and I finally got around to writing on the chalkboard that's been blank in my room for months. I love it and I'd love to learn more fonts and maybe even start writing with different pens and all that fun stuff.
{Physical} Go to kickboxing at least five times. I tried kickboxing last month, but have been too busy to go to back since. I bought quite a few classes, so I need to start going at least once a week, if not more.

{Personal} Don't weigh myself for a full month. My friend wrote an awesome blog post about weighing yourself and how you shouldn't do it, especially every day (here). I've been weighing myself every day since March of 2011 and it's become a really bad habit for me to have. If it's too high, it can literally ruin my mood for the rest of the day. It's an obsession and I don't want to obsess over it anymore.

{Professional} Be diligent about completing the daily tasks list every dayLast week I redid our list of daily tasks and expect the girls to initial every task after they complete it. This means I need to hold myself to the same standards and also stay on top of the cleaning to set a good example by going first and to help carry my weight.

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