Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Los Angeles in November

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About a month ago, I flew to LA with my dad, stepmom, and little sister to attend a wedding. I had only been to California once, when I went to San Diego in August of 2013 (here, just scroll passed the first two posts), so I was really excited to finally go to LA and to attend what turned out a beautiful and magical wedding. I shared plenty of pictures on Instagram, one of which was on, but here's a more all-encompassing recap of the trip!

Sam had basketball try-outs on Friday night, so we had to fly out super late. But while we were waiting to board the plane, she taught me how to apply multiple filters to Snapchat.

Flying in late made for a great view of LA from the plane! We got a rental car and headed straight for the hotel. I think it was around 2:00AM (so 3:00AM MST) by the time we got into bed.

 After breakfast and consulting London, the bride, we mapped out our day of sight-seeing. First on the list was drying down Hollywood Blvd and seeing the Hollywood sign.

I also made them stop for Sprinkles cupcakes. We didn't get any out of the ATM, but they were just as delicious, nonetheless.

We walked down Rodeo Drive. You know, for shopping.

Because who doesn't need a Louis Vitton punching bag...?

Sam wanted to go into Tiffany & Co. We got to try on huge diamonds and left with a book about rings.

Sam and I thoroughly enjoyed taking advantage of all the Snapchat filters while we went around the city. (Or sometimes using them to figure out which neighborhood we were in.)

The only thing Sam wanted to do was go to In-N-Out. Check. As it turned out, it was really the only meal we ate out.

We walked around Ocean Avenue and Santa Monica Pier, just in time for the sunset.

It was bright, but beautiful.

After the sunset, we drove straight to the LACMA to see the Urban Lights. I'm pretty sure Reese Witherspoon had been there two nights before us!

None of us were really that hungry, so we decided to duck into Starbucks and eat our Sprinkles cupcakes for dinner.

We hung out at the hotel all morning before getting ready for the wedding and heading over to the venue. Since we got there a little early, we were able to wander around and see all their amazing decor and how beautiful the location was.

The details were incredible and I, for one, appreciated the Lord of the Rings theme weaved in subtly and beautifully!

This is London's dream car. It was her grandfather's car and her parents drove away from their wedding in it. Nathan drove from LA to Colorado (my hometown, actually!) to buy the car from her grandfather and he and his father towed it back to LA so he could incorporate it into his proposal this spring. They left their wedding in the car. It was raining and Nathan said, "I've never used the windshield wipers! I hope they work!"

The ceremony was beautiful and you could absolutely feel the love London and Nathan have for each other. (And the rain mostly stayed away!) London wore the dress both her grandmother and her mother wore on their wedding days!

So, Nathan was on iCarly back in the day and the rest of the cast was also in attendance. Pretty cool chatting with these three!

With the happy couple!

These are the Moores and Larsons who remain!

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