Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Grand Lake in August

Over my birthday weekend, I went up to Grand Lake with my mom and sister to attend a beautiful mountain wedding. Miranda and Sam asked me to make the cupcakes for their wedding, so I spent the week leading up to the wedding perfecting my recipe for pumpkin spice cupcakes. Mission: Accomplished if I say so myself. My mom and oldest sister ended up piggy backing on my mini vacation so they could help me transport the cupcakes safely and decorate them in the hotel the morning of the wedding. Grand Lake is one of my favorite places in the world, so I was thrilled to get to go up there for two nights, especially over my 25th birthday!

My mom and sister stayed at the Grand Lake Lodge. We weren't too impressed with the lodge itself, but the view was unbeatable! 

The first thing we did when we got there was rent a speed boat. I enjoyed seeing how fast we were going via Snapchat.

We had dinner at the lodge the first night since it was my birthday. The food was pretty good and we sat on the porch, with a front row seat to an incredible sunset over Grand Lake and Shadow Lake, but again, the Lodge itself was meh. 

 After breakfast on Saturday morning we walked around downtown a little bit. We watched through Lemon Lodge, a collection of cabins right on the river and Grand Lake. Growing up, my family would go every other summer and we always stayed in Lemon Lodge. In the summer of 1998, my little brother Scott had a tantrum about taking a family photo with my uncle's tripod. He flat out refused to be in the picture, so my dad and step mom told him if sat on "that rock right there" he wouldn't be in the picture. It's a tradition to recreate that photo when we go up there now. Since I was the only one there in the original photo, I had to do it myself this time.
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To say I'm in love with this dress would be an understatement. I can't wait for another occasion to wear it!

The finished product!

Miranda wore the dress that her grandmother and aunt wore for their weddings, adding her own alterations and personal touch. It was beautiful and perfect for her!

Miranda worked with both Gina and me at a day care center, but Gina and I never worked together. Luckily we've hung out a dozen times through Miranda and she was the perfect dance partner at the wedding since we were both flying solo.

The groom's sister did all the flowers. It was awesome that Miranda and Sam had so many people willing to help make their wedding exactly what they envisioned.

With the beautiful bride. (Her dress is hiding my heinous tan line that I got two weeks earlier while white water rafting.)

The Shermans!

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