Friday, June 10, 2016

Ten on Ten :: June 2016

This is my new breakfast of champions. I've been making smoothie bowls every morning with chia seeds, granola, agave, banana, and coconut on top.

My favorite view. Obviously.

It was a beautiful in Downtown Boulder. I had to run to the bank to do our weekly deposit and it made me just want to keep wandering down Pearl Street.

I'm finally getting around to looking through all of my photos from my trip to England and blogging about it.

Our noon class was completely packed today. I always love the energy in our full classes.

We had a crazy thunder and lightning storm last night, that apparently knocked out Starbucks' computers. So they were offering free tall coffee or tea, iced or hot. I usually get a chai (iced in the summer), so I had to go to a different store, which was about .25 miles away, of course. But the point is, I could have started drinking coffee today but I just couldn't. I hate it. And I really am curious if that will change by 2019.

My sisters and I went in on a giant inflatable swan. World, meet Ron Swanson.

Catching the sunset while on my way to Target to get supplies for work. At 8:00PM on a Friday night. Glamorous.

Hanging out with some awesome people at Avery. There's a first time for everything! I actually got too caught up with the conversation to even make my way to the bar to get a drink, which is okay because I'm not the biggest fan of beer.

And I forgot to take a tenth picture. Oops.

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