Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New York City :: Day 4

For my last full day in NYC on my own, I decided to see SoHo and the Financial District. I took the subway to Houston and then got off to walk around and hopefully find somewhere to have lunch.

While I was looking for places to eat, I stumbled upon Laduree in SoHo and decided to stop in to get my sister a half dozen of macarons. This location had a restaurant in it as well and I just loved the table settings!

I walked around SoHo for a while (and found Georgetown Cupcakes, but I'm convinced Sprinkles is better). I really liked SoHo. It was a lot more quiet than the other parts of town I had been in, and I loved the cobblestone roads. I also went into Dash, the Kardashian's boutique, and I couldn't believe the prices! Yikes!

Instead of having lunch in SoHo, I ended up back at the pizza place where Krista grabbed some food a few nights earlier, 2 Bro's Pizza, on St. Mark's Place. Oh my gosh, this pizza was delicious. And the whole lunch only cost $2.75!

I headed downtown to the Financial District after I ate. One of the things on my list to see was the bull statue. I wanted to just get a picture of the bull, but it was swarming with foreign tourists and as soon as one would walk away from their photo op, more would jump in. I figured the only way to get a picture of it was to be in it. So here I am!

I wanted to see Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange. Whenever I think of Wall Street, I can't help but think of Inside Man.

I sat on the steps of Federal Hall just to people watch for a while. I swear this kid (I say kid, he was probably around my age) was about to propose to his girlfriend. He was holding a Tiffany's box, wearing a suit, and kept looking at his watch. I can't believe I didn't stay to watch.

My phone battery was awfully low again (thanks Maps!), so I decided to hang out in the cafe at Equinox Gym on Wall Street to charge my phone. That made some interesting people watching. And I obviously passed the time with Snapchat. This snap has to be my best yet! (My friend Kris is trying to convince me to make the switch to the iPhone.)

I walked a few blocks to visit the World Trade Center Memorial. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go there. I had been to Ground Zero in 2008 and it still looked like a mess. All we saw were plans for the memorial and the museum. But I decided it was worth seeing the progress they've made. The place was incredibly crowded, and I hate to admit that some of the tourists were being anything but respectful. Seriously, can we not take smiling selfies here?

This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip. It's Freedom Tower (the new 1 WTC) reflecting in the museum of the old World Trade Center and the 9/11 attacks. I wanted to go into the museum, but the line was long to get in and it was $24 to enter. I just didn't have enough time.

I hung out around City Hall Park until I had to meet Krista for our evening adventures. Funny story: I watched Hitch on Netflix the day I got back from NYC and after Hitch has an allergic reaction, they walk through this park!

This was easily my favorite subway stop. It's not hard to pick since most of them are tucked away on street corners and dingy and hot and smelly, but this one outside City Hall was gorgeous! I love the subway tile all over the ceiling.

Krista and I met outside the subway station to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. (It was literally right there.) It ended up being perfect timing because the sun started to set behind Manhattan as we walked toward Brooklyn.

By the way, the bridge is about 1.1 miles long. Fun fact!

 This might be my favorite picture of the trip.

Or maybe this one. Krista and I kept joking about how romantic the whole thing was.

Once we got to Brooklyn, we immediately hopped on the subway to go back to Manhattan. We decided to go to Little Italy for dinner. (Seriously, get me and Krista together and pasta is the only option.) We had dinner at Caffe Napoli and it was amazing. I had the mushroom ravoli and we sat on the street. Again, so romantic. Ha!

We walked around a Christmas shop across the street after we ate. And no trip to Little Italy is complete without some gelato. Yum!

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