Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New York City :: Day 2

My second day in New York City got off to a late start. But hey, who needs to set an alarm on vacation? Krista went into work, so I set out to explore the city on my own. I really wanted a bagel with lox, but I had registered for a class at Physique 57 on the Upper West Side and wanted to be sure I found it with no problem first. I took the subway with no problem, then used my phone to find a bagel place nearby. I sat in Verdi Square eating my breakfast (okay, lunch) and people watching. (I got a bagel at 72nd Street Bagels.)

As I was walking back, a woman asked me how to get to Columbus St. and I gave her correct directions. Score! She thought I was a New Yorker!

The whole time I was staring at this building thinking about how beautiful it was, and that ended up being the building were Physique 57 was! I discovered this after I had walked up and down Amsterdam for a while. And I was still about 30 minutes early to class.

Seriously, this building was amazing. I sent my friend this picture and it just took her right back to her days in NYC.

After class, I met Karen back at Verdi Square and then we set out to find somewhere to grab a drink (or two). We stumbled upon Josie's and ended up just sitting by the window talking for forever! Karen lives in Georgia, but we just happened to be in NYC at the same time and we had to meet up! It was my third blate ever and it was a blast. 

Karen and I have been following each other for a while now and it was so great to finally meet her!!

Sunshine on the Upper West Side.

I had heard about Strawberry Fields before, but I wasn't sure where it was. I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon it right away. The flowers on it were beautiful and the pigeon in the corner hung around for a long time. I'm glad I saw this.

Central Park.

 More Central Park.

I discovered a good way to have my picture taken was to ask people if they wanted me to take their picture. I didn't do this on purpose, but the poor girls were trying to take a selfie with a DSLR and I wasn't going to turn down proof that I was actually on my own trip!

I felt like I was in a movie walking down this path. I've seen so many scenes that were filmed here.

It was seriously such a beautiful day in the city (and it was never as hot as I thought it was going to be). I ended up walking the whole length of Central Park.

That'll say "...with Stephen Colbert" soon and I can't decide how I feel about that.

I kept walking for a bit longer (and wasted another $7 buying the worst strawberry milkshake of my life), but then I ended up in Times Square. I pride myself on having figured out the subway system during my trip. Or at least enough to get where I wanted to go (for the most part). But once I saw Times Square, I started to panic. I didn't want to be around that many people and Times Square is the worst part of the city. So I ended up taking a $12 cab from about 50th and Broadway to 14th and Broadway. Little did I know, the station I needed was on 42nd St. and there was a station at 49th St. Oh well, live and learn. 

Anyway, I went to The Strand, the bookstore where Krista used to work. I ended up walking a few blocks to go to dinner. I wanted sushi and found a place on my phone, but discovered there was a whole block full of sushi places. Anyway, I ended up at Sharaku and I think I chose well. They were playing Beyonce the entire time.

After Krista got off work, we walked around for a bit and ended up at The Grassroots, a place she frequents with her former coworkers. We each had a Strongbow and listened to some live music before calling it a night and taking the subway back to her apartment.

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  1. I am so happy we were able to meet up! You were just as sweet in person as I'd imagined! I cannot believe the inside of PS57!!! Wowzers! No wonder the classes are so expensive ;) Strawberry Fields looks amazing! It looks like you had a fabulous day exploring the city!!!!