Thursday, November 18, 2010

Toy Story Midway Mania

I'm so behind on my posts.  So this is old news.  A few weeks ago, Brett and I did Toy Story Midway Mania at Disney's Hollywood Studios--one of the most happening rides on property!  I've never seen the line below 60 minutes and for us, it was actually a 90 minute wait time.  At least the line is really cool.  And that's all I got pictures of...

It's made up of oversized toys--of course!  There was even an interactive Mr. Potato Head towards the end.  The time we spent in line actually flew by thanks to everything to look at.

The ride isn't actually a ride, it's more of a game.  There are two people on each side of the car and each person has a cannon.  The ride moves from screen to screen and you have to shoot different things--balloons, plates, rockets, etc.  The amount of points you get depends on how much each thing you shoot is worth.

It's a lot of fun, even though Brett killed me.  It was probably worth waiting in the line for, but next time I go on it I'm going to try to get a fastpass!

If you guys are ever down here, you've got to do Toy Story Midway Mania!  But make sure you get there very early because the fastpasses run out within the first few hours the park is open!  It's popular.

In other Toy Story news, Bob Iger the CEO of Disney has given every Disney cast member Toy Story 3 as a gift for all our hard work!  So thank you everyone for helping with the success of Toy Story 3 so I could save a few bucks buying it!  And thank you Mr. Iger for being such an awesome CEO!


  1. One of my daughter's wish is to have a big woody toy. But I don't know where will I would get that, going to Disney hollywood studios is a better idea.

  2. Yeah, the Toy Story stuff they have in the Pixar section of Hollywood Studios is incredible! Also at All-Star Movies.