Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thunder Mountain Girls

On Monday, I visited Magic Kingdom for the second time since I've been down here.  The first time Lexi--my roommate--and I went to see Summer Nightastic, their summer fireworks show.  This time, Jenna, Lindsey, and I conquered the whole park.

We got fast passes (which are free at Disney, by the way) at Splash Mountain then went straight to Thunder Mountain next door.  We got in line right in front of a father and his two daughters.  The girls were probably 6 and 4, if I had to guess, and they were both wearing green dresses with pink cupcakes on them and sneakers with Disney princesses on the side.

Lindsey started talking to them a little, but somehow I ended up talking to them more.  We were in line for probably 20 minutes and the younger one especially kept up the conversation.  They were both so cute and so sweet.  When we got to the point where you board the ride, they were put in the first car and we were put in the last.  They also go on the train before us, so I thought I wouldn't see them again.  (The younger one also tried to ride with us at first.  How cute.)  We rode Thunder Mountain and then decided to go do Haunted Mansion before going back for Splash Mountain.  Somehow, the girls came out of the ride after us.  So the younger one said goodbye and we continued to walk down the boardwalk a little quicker than them.  She kept waving and saying, "Bye Girl!  Bye Girl!"  So cute.  Her mom and grandpa were waiting for them along the boardwalk, so they stopped but she ran to the other side of the fence and kept yelling until we were out of sight.  It was so sweet.

I just love having an impact one someone like that.  And hey, if the kids are happy, the parents are happy.  I'm a little jealous of the girls too because they were just having so much fun there and there is nothing like experiencing Disney World as a kid.  Even if she doesn't remember me today, it still made her happy at the time.

Ahhh, I kind of love Disney World.

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