Thursday, August 19, 2010

Disney's Newest Life Guard

Great news!  I passed my life guard class yesterday!  We get a license here through Ellis & Associates and we have to attend a three day class and pass the tests in order to receive that license.  It was very rigorous.  Lots of information to learn in just three days, but we finished yesterday afternoon and I'm proud to say I'm officially a licensed life guard!  I start my on job training today at Caribbean Beach Resort and Pop Century Resort.  Should be interesting to actually shadow someone on the stand for a full day.

In order to pass the class, we had to do a group test.  The group test was a simulated rescue situation.  You and your team get to your area and start scanning the pool when an emergency happens.  Our situation happened to be a spinal injury after someone did a cannon ball in the 3 feet deep water.  Luckily for us, we practiced the spinal rescues over and over again during our hour of practice time.  We nailed it!  After lunch we had our individual CPR tests.  We had to pass adult, child, and infant.  I did child first and had to be retested on that one because I forgot the two test breaths after the initial assessment thanks to nerves.  I passed the retest without a problem, though.  Finally, we had a written test.  I got zero wrong!

I was so relieved to have passed the class, but now I'm nervous for being on the job.  Hopefully today goes well.  They said a good day for a life guard is when nothing happens.  And they said if you want to know what being a life guard feels like, fill up your bath tub, put a rubber ducky in it and stare at if for 8 hours.  If you want to know what being a life guard feels like during the winter, take the rubber ducky out and stare at the water for 8 hours.  EEK!

To celebrate, we went out to Buffalo Wild Wings.  Apparently that's the place to be on Wednesdays all across the country.  Except instead of trivia, it turns into a club.  Who knew?  

In other Disney news, I went to Epcot last weekend and did Journey into Imagination with Figment, the Capital EO show--I don't recommend it--and the Test Track.  We got right on at the test track.  Thank you single rider lines!  It was really hot though, so we didn't stay long.  But I got my Epcot Passport in the mail yesterday, so now I have to go back and get that last stamp at Morocco!  I'm hoping to go to one of the parks again or one of the water parks this weekend!

More pictures to come later.  With my inconsistent internet here, it's been taking for ever just to even get to my own blog, let alone anything else.  What fun.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I am so sorry for never writing you back. As far as getting time off(especially near the holidays and the end of your program), it is hard but not impossible. As soon as you find out who your direct supervisor is, let them know. Also, ASAP go on the Hub and submit for the days you want off. The sooner the better. :) I can't remember what other questions you had and I guess you probably have many of the questions answered. How was traditions? Which apartments did you end up in? I miss the DCP SOOOO much. Enjoy every second of it!