Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On the Stand, In the Lake

Tuesday was my first day of guarding on my own!  Super exciting, but super nerve-wracking.  To start the day off, I had training at 7:00AM.  All life guards have to do in-service training twice a month, but since I just finished my class and just started, I only have it once for August.  We split into four groups and went around in groups to practice infant and child CPR, adult CPR, spinal backboard, and unconscious backboard.  After we rotated through the four stations, we went back to our original station; mine happened to be the marina.  When we got down there, the coordinator pulled out three people who work on the lake in addition to life guarding and then told the rest of us to open the dock. 

Well, one of the other guards saw a baby (it's a doll) floating in the water, so he grabbed a tube and jumped in.  After he pulled out the baby, other guards started working on it and he saw one of our coordinators floating in the water on the other side of the boat.  He jumped in again, but since he was unconscious, we had to use a backboard to get him out.  Well, since the lake is deeper than our pools, we had to float the backboard in order to get him on it and that takes two people to do.  Guess who had to jump in and help.  This guy!  (Here's a picture of the lake into which I jumped.)

After that, I had my regular shift at Pop Century.  It was interesting.  The weather wasn't that great for swimming, but I loved it being cooler than usual.  So the pools were pretty quiet and nothing too exciting happened.  But I've now officially guarded on my own!  YAY!  (Here are pictures of the three pools I guarded today--Hippy Dippy, Bowling, and Computer.)

Here's a picture of the pool at Old Port Royale at Caribbean Beach.  It's the one I'm guarding today for my second day on my own.

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