Monday, November 09, 2015

November 2015 Goals

I'm a little late this month, but let's take a look back at October: 

{Spiritual} Spend an equal amount on time reading the Bible or in prayer as I do playing fantasy football. So this was a major fail. I didn't spend a whole lot of time managing my fantasy football teams, but I spent even less time reading the Bible and praying.

{Financial} Spend half as much as what I spent in September. Another fail. I spent less than what I spent in September, but not by much. I blame this whole "be honest with myself about my spending habits" thing.

{Social} Meet three new people each week at Merge. I didn't count, but I'm sure I did. I met a lot of new people this month.

{Mental} Set aside a half hour of quite time every day. Nope. Not even close.
{Physical} Use ClassPass at least 10 times this cycle. I'm pretty sure I used it twice. My price per class average is not so hot right now.

{Personal} Have at least one evening at home. I'll count this one as a win because I did so terribly at everything else. I think I spent at least four quiet evenings at home, once my day was all said and done.

{Professional} Manage Biblically
. I did alright with this, but as with everything, there is certainly room for improvement.

I had a really hard time coming up with seven goals for the month, but here's what I've got for November: 

{Spiritual} Become re-grounded on the getaway. In March, I went on a quick (not even) 24-hour retreat with the young adult ministry. It was an incredibly dense experience, despite being so short. I went home feeling refreshed and revived. In May, I went on a weekend retreat with the women's ministry and it was perfectly timed and exactly what I needed. I wish I had been able to go on the women's retreat again in September, but I couldn't swing it with work and my trip to Telluride, so I really need this getaway this month. Plus, since I'm a leader, we get an extra four hours of awesomeness up in the mountains.

{Financial} Cut my credit card debt in half. Last month I made a huge payment toward my credit card debt. It doesn't seem like such a daunting number, but actually seems manageable for the first time in a long time. I'm hoping to have it completely paid off my January 1st, which means I have two months to do that, which means I need to cut it in half this month. I think I'm setting myself up for a good 2016 in terms of my finances. At least I hope so.

{Social} Enjoy time with my loved ones over Thanksgiving. This year, I'm going to my frist ever Friendsgiving the week before Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving itself, I have to work and won't be able to have Thanksgiving dinner with my family. Instead, I'm going over to another friend's house to have dinner with a collection of lost souls, if you will. I'm excited, which is strange because usually I'm not one for change, especially when it's tradition.

{Mental} Find balance between my work life and personal life. Yikes, that seems pretty lofty. It's something I've spent some time talking to a good friend about, but I definitely need to find some degree of balance.
{Physical} Take more Pure Barre classes than I took in November 2014. That should be easy; I only took six in 2014. Lately, it's been really easy for me to get caught up in work and be too busy to jump into class. But I find that taking an hour to focus on myself helps me get more work done and get better work done.

{Personal} Give up alcohol and Starbucks. I've done Starbucks before, but this time I'm throwing alcohol in too. My friend has to give up alcohol and coffee as part of an elimination diet, so I told her I'd do it with her since I've been drinking a lot of alcohol and a lot of Starbucks chai lately.

{Professional} Find a routine that works for me
. There are things I have to do daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and sometimes things that just pop up. Over the past four months, I've been able to get into a semi-routine, but there are still things that need to be scheduled throughout my week and I think that will help me balance everything I have to do.

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