Thursday, October 01, 2015

October 2015 Goals

Let's see how I did in September: 

{Spiritual} Get back into a routine at church. Well, there were four Thursdays in September. I went to Merge on three of them. There were four weekends in September. I went to church on two of them. I would not call this getting back into a routine since in September, I prioritized other things (work, football) over church.

{Financial} Be honest with myself about my spending habits. I actually did pretty well with this! Normally when I make a bigger purchase, I don't include it where I keep track of what I spend, so at the end of the month, the math doesn't add up. It was a tough pill to swallow when I was adding everything up for September, but that's when I'm grateful that some of my envelopes in my envelope system are saving envelopes. For instance, I had been saving money for months that I spent on vacation this month, so it helps out a little bit.

{Social} Win at least one of my first three fantasy football games. Well, I quickly found myself in THREE fantasy football leagues. So instead of having three games this month, I had nine. It would only make sense to readjust my goal to win at least three of my first nine fantasy football games. I ended the month being 2-1 in all three of my leagues, so I won SIX games! Woohoo!

{Mental} Set aside a half hour of quite time every day. Not doing great with this and I really need to get better. While I was in Telluride, I had a lot of quite time, but that time may have been spent differently had I had cell phone service. That's what I need to work on.
{Physical} Try at least three new work outs. I tried Orange Theory on Labor Day. I woke up with a bit of a stomach ache and I'm not great with working out in the early morning, especially when it's intense and cardio, so I didn't leave loving it. But I think I would give it another shot. Unfortunately, the rest of the month got away from me and I didn't try out anything else.

{Personal} Stop cussing as much. I'm not really sure if I've stopped cussing as much, but I've at least started noticing it and correcting myself. I think that's helped me stop to some extent, but I still need to watch my tongue more.

{Professional} Get at least 18 squares on my Bingo board. I did, but I didn't get the "Take 15 classes in September" square and that's the one I really wanted.

And now for October: 

{Spiritual} Spend an equal amount on time reading the Bible or in prayer as I do playing fantasy football. One of my best friends is in all three fantasy leagues with me and we were talking about how to find balance. The first week of the season, we talked about holding each other accountable on investing in our relationships with Christ and securing that next fantasy win.

{Financial} Spend half as much as what I spent in September. I basically divide my spending into two categories: necessities and extras. In both categories last month, I spent more money than any other month in 2015. It was a bit of a crazy month if I do say so myself. I don't think it will be difficult to spend less than what I spent in September, but to spend no more than half, that will be the real challenge.

{Social} Meet three new people each week at Merge. As a leader, I'm a part of the team who helps to make Merge a place where people feel welcome and a part of a community. I want to go out of my way to meet three people, at least, who I don't already know each week this month at Merge.

{Mental} Set aside a half hour of quite time every day. Trying again. I really need to take time to unplug, decompress, and shut off. I need to make this happen!
{Physical} Use ClassPass at least 10 times this cycle. This was my goal in August and I'm back to it since I fell off the wagon a little bit in September. Luckily, my favorite spinning place added the perfect class time for me, so that will help! I need to hop to it since my cycle started on the 28th and I have yet to go to a class already!

{Personal} Have at least one evening at home. September was beyond busy for me. I counted down for almost a month until a day when I could sleep in. I felt like I spent less time at home than I had in months. I would love to just schedule a time for myself each week when I'm at home with no social engagements and no other plans but to relax. I think that will go a long way for my sanity.

{Professional} Manage Biblically
. As it turns out, the Bible has some great advice on how to manage people and how to inspire good work from others. I need to put more focus on leading by example, going first, and caring for the other employees.

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