Monday, February 09, 2015

Sundance :: Days 6 thru 10

The second half of my trip to Utah started with a really long day. I woke up early to head back to Main Street in Park City to visit the Pure Barre Pop Up Shop where the two owners of my studio were working for the weekend. I was able to get into the 7:00AM class and we had a blast working out with some Sundance VIPs.

I went back to my hotel for a quick nap and then headed back to Park City for my long shift. To be honest, I was dreading this 13 hour shift, but it ended up being so much fun. In the afternoon, I was scheduled to work crowd liaison, which means I was stationed outside. I ended up getting put on the main entrance to the theater for pass holders and because of my awesome location, I got to see so many famous people! We were screening Partisan, starring Vincent Cassell, and Unexpected, starring Cobie Smulders and Anders Holm. I saw Cobie Smulders walk by before heading into the press tent and I have to say she is even more stunning in person. I got a glimpse of Anders Holm as he went into the theater. I saw Jake Johnson and spoke to him briefly as he arrived for the movie and then I saw Ron Livingston and Rosemarie DeWitt and made them laugh!

For the second half of my shift, I was back inside with my usual crew. We were screening I Smile Back starring Sarah Silverman and Hellions starring Robert Patrick. I saw Edgar Wright, director of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, and Winona Ryder who were both serving as jurors for I Smile Back. Sarah Silverman was absolutely gorgeous in real life and we got to see James Franco again for both screenings. While the second screening was loading, I spotted Robert Patrick too. Before we left, Gina, Cassandra, and I sneaked into the press tent to take some pictures in front of the step and repeat. So cool!

I had every intention to return to the Pure Barre Pop Up that morning, but after such a long day on Sunday, I had to sleep in. Instead, I went to see The Imitation Game in Salt Lake City and it did not disappoint.

For dinner before my shift, I went to In-N-Out because I cannot go to Salt Lake without hitting up In-N-Out. I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of the fries, but their burgers and shakes are to die for. I truly believe 2/3 of the meal is more than worth the hype. While I was there, I'm 99% sure I saw Jef Holm of The Bachelorette fame. (Emily Maynard's former fiance.)

On the way into Park City, I had to stop and take a picture of this very festive bus stop. It's my personal belief that all mountain towns should have Christmas lights up all year round. 

That night, we screened Take Me to the River and The Nightmare and I was able to see Take Me to the River. Advantageous was screening before my shift and I was taking ballots outside of the entourage door, so I was able to see and talk to Ken Jeong. He was so charming and shy and it was just wonderful chatting with him for a hot second.

I hung out in Salt Lake again on Tuesday and decided to hit up Sushi Burrito on 8th for dinner. There's a place like that in Boulder, so I was really hopeful. It was good, but Motomaki in Boulder is WAY better.

Tuesday was my last shift at the festival and I was working crowd liaison again. I was stationed at the same entrance, where I saw Forest Whitaker and his crew leave. That was pretty cool, I have to admit. He was awesome and signed autographs for fans waiting for him.

We were screening 99 Homes starring Andrew Garfield, Laura Dern, and Michael Shannon as a local screening where Park City residents could see it. Of course James Franco showed up too. The midnight movie that evening was Reversal. During 99 Homes, I started chatting with James Franco's driver and it was pretty cool to get an inside look into another completely different role at the festival.

One of the best parts of working the late shift is the concession stand gives us all of their left over popcorn when they close.

We had another photo shoot before we left that night, this time in the green room. It was pretty cool hanging out in there too.

I had a full free day on Wednesday and I had every intention to see at least two movies, but I didn't wake up early enough to get to Eccles early enough for a volunteer ticket to see Dope. I really dropped the ball there. Instead, I just saw The D Train. It was pretty cool to get out and about at the festival. It pains me to admit that it wast the first time I used one of my volunteer vouchers or the first time I saw a movie at a different theater. Next year, I'm going to do this more! I've really been missing out. I saw Richard Kind from Spin City at The D Train, but it took me a while to figure out who he was.

After the movie, I hung out at Starbucks to kill about an hour, then I headed to Main Street. I happened to walk through an alley that happened to have a Banksy painting on it, which was pretty cool. I wish I had spent more time on Main Street during the festival because it was cool.

I met Cassandra and Gina at Davanza's, which was amazing. The pizza was so good and even though I'm not usually one for crinkle cut fries, they were delicious.

It was a pretty cool place other than having delicious food. I would absolutely go back next time in Park City!

After dinner, we went to the Music Cafe for the volunteer appreciation day party. I think last year I missed this by one day, so it was fun to go to that. It was a lot smaller than the party at the beginning of the festival, but it was fun nonetheless. Plus they had the best sugar cookies and Red Vines. You can't beat Red Vines!

The next morning I woke up relatively early to hit the road. I packed up my hotel room and sadly said goodbye, then made the 8 hour drive back home. I stopped in Laramie for lunch, where I stopped for dinner last year, but I ended up eating at Subway because I couldn't find anything local that looked good and I was starving and really had to pee. Next time, I'm finding a restaurant beforehand because last year I ate at Applebee's and I'm thinking there has to be something good and local there! I drove straight to Pure Barre Boulder to take class (I needed some exercise after sitting in the car all day), and then went to church after that for Merge, as per my usual Thursday night. It made for a long day, and honestly, I was a little bummed when I got home to my own bed. I missed my awesome hotel room and Utah!

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