Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Writers

On Saturday, I went to the humane society to pick up my first litter of foster kittens of 2014.  I haven't had kittens since the holidays when I had Holmes, Moriarty, Sherlock, and Watson.  Again, we got four kittens, but this time they're all boys. It's still up in the air whether or not Hawthrone is related. He has almost the exact same markings, but he's dark grey instead of black. He's also much smaller than the other kittens and has long hair. And, sadly, he's often times playing by himself or cuddled up for a nap all alone. In the short time they've been with me, I've caught the other interacting with him just a few times. Don't worry, I love on him plenty and they seem to be bonding more and more each day.

I counted the other day and these guys bring the foster kitten total to 42! Yeah, 42 kittens since October 2009. (Hurley and Bagheera--our resident cats--are less than pleased with this number.)

All pictures can be found on my Instagram and if you're a cat lover, I highly recommend following now because I'll be posting pictures of these little guys plenty!


  1. great pics. I'm not a cat person. I'm a dog person but these are cute. I'm glad you foster kitties. fostering animals take so much heart. so props to you girl.


  2. Aww they are SO cute!! :) Wish I wasn't allergic to them!!