Monday, April 07, 2014

Game of Thrones Season 4 Premiere Party

It's no secret that Game of Thrones is one of my favorite shows. And I have Christian to thank for that. So I convinced him to throw a premiere party for season 4 (kind of like we did for the Breaking Bad finale).

This time around, we did a pot luck dinner and I was able to do some crafting in my spare time, so it really wasn't that costly. (If I were made of money, I totally would have bought more Game of Thrones stuff from the HBO store, but oh well.)

 "All men must die."

Everyone had their own sigil. I had a bit of a hard time coming up with words for each house. And I should note that Christian actually requested a burrito as his house sigil, but I couldn't even find decent burrito clip art, so I had to settle for a plane. (He was a Navy pilot.)

On to the food! 

Stephy made queso dip with chips to represent the death of Viserys Targaryen. She had a good point, processed cheese is disgusting unless it's in queso form. Yum!

Christian made the most delicious pulled pork for sandwiches, representing the death of King Robert.

Cady made amazing roasted potatoes to represent the death of Lord Eddard Stark. She roasted them in olive oil, lemon juice, and rosemary and they were so good!

Rachel made asparagus to represent Daenerys' army of Unsullied. (They got there just as the show started, so we had closed the blinds and turned off the lights already. Pardon the flash and unfocused asparagus.)

For dessert, I made red velvet cupcakes to represent the horrific Red Wedding and the deaths of Catelyn Stark, Robb Stark, Talisa Stark, and Grey Wind. But I won't lie to you, I had more potatoes for dessert.

I made a cocktail to represent Jon Snow's storyline. It was inspired by the Others (and mostly their blue eyes). I attempted to freeze lemonade, but interestingly enough, it just got cold. Anyway, it had lemonade, Sprite, and UV blue vodka. 

It was so much fun and definitely more of a success than our Game of Thrones season 3 finale party where we just threw together a batch of spaghetti and four of us got together to watch it.

In regards to the show, I thought it was a great premiere episode. Sure, nothing really happened as many people are still reeling from the Red Wedding and the show needed to set up new storylines and introduce new characters (or the new Daario Naharis). I really liked Oberyn Martell and I'm so excited for his story this season. He is the perfect Red Viper and he and Tyrion are going to make for some great scenes together in coming episodes!

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Do you watch Game of Thrones? What did you think of last night's episode?
What would your house sigil be? 


  1. What an awesome idea!! I'm dying to watch Sunday's show, but promised the husband I would wait for him come home first.