Tuesday, October 30, 2012

70% Family Reunion - Day 2

On Friday, we planned to head out to Cannon Beach.  We had a quick breakfast of bagels and lox.  Is there anything better, especially in Oregon?  Uncle Gary and Erik were joining us now and by the time we would get home, Aunt Kathy, Rich's wife, would be there too.  Unfortunately, Aunt Katie had to work, so it was just 11 of us that went out to the beach.  It was a two hour drive, but the scenery was gorgeous.  I love how green and lush Oregon is!  All that rain is working!  We went out to a scenic overlook in Ecola Park to see the ocean.  It was so pretty, but it was pouring and you wouldn't believe how windy it was.  Needless to say, we didn't last long out there.

The Pacific Ocean!

Everybody's all bundled up...and then there's my dad in shorts.

 It's a rocky coast.

We then got to drive through the little town of Cannon Beach before parking and walking out along the beach for a while.  The weather was much more mild down there, but it was still moist in the air and a little windy.  It turned out that my rain boots were the perfect choice.  I could walk through the water and no sand got in my shoes!  I can cross off another one of my goals of visiting the beach on the Pacific Ocean.  Score!

Walking on the beach.

Rachel's houndstooth rain boots were my best friend over the weekend.


Will threw a tennis ball into the ocean for Bella, she loved it.

Big rock!

Uncle Rob, Erik, Thomas, Uncle Rich, Sam (AKA the hair monster), Dad, Uncle Gary, Rachel, & Travis.

The brothers: Uncle Rich, Uncle Gary, Dad, & Uncle Rob.

 The cousins: Travis, me, Rachel, Erik, Sam, Thomas, Will (and Bella) via Sam's Instagram.

Rachel & Me.

We had lunch at Mo's, a seafood place.  It was delicious.  They had great clam chowder and an amazing hot crab melt that Sam got.  I stuck with the classic fish & chips, but Sam definitely hit the jack pot.  After lunch, we took the long way home to find Aunt Katie and Aunt Kathy.  After a dinner of pasta and a great sauce their neighbors made (and enjoyed with us), we played an intense game of Charades.  It was a blast!

Clam chowder, so yummy.

Sam & Thomas at the cool kids table.

 Sam & Uncle Gary in an oyster shop.


  1. Where are the houndstooth rain boots from?! :)

  2. Where are the houndstooth rain boots from?! :)