Friday, November 02, 2012

70% Family Reunion - Day 3

Saturday was game day.  The forecast said 58 and downpour.  We had to leave early that morning to make the two hour drive to Eugene.  It didn't help that there was game day traffic and it was pouring.  We stopped at Aunt Katie's mom's farm on the way there to drop off dinner for after the game and pick up my cousin Ben.  We got lucky that it was a 12:00 game since it was such a drive down there.  Aunt Katie and Aunt Kathy decided not to go so Ben could have Aunt Katie's ticket and we'd just sell the extra.  We were all so glad we got to see Ben, who is away at college, but managed to get away for the day.

Rachel, Erik, & Thomas.

 Me, Erik, Rachel, & Thomas, via my Instagram.

 The Oregon band by the tailgaters.


Dad, Sam, Ben, Will, & Uncle Gary

 Dad & Sam.

 Erik, Travis, & Rachel.

 Rachel & Me.

 Ben & Me.

 Ben & Will enjoying some "Ralphie stew" AKA buffalo chili, which was actually quite delicious.

 Autzen Stadium, via my Instagram.  Our seats were just left of the (only) jumbotron.

 Rachel & Travis.

 The Duck lead the team out of the tunnel on a motorcycle.  Not quite as cool as Ralphie though.

Just before halftime, Rachel, Travis, Thomas, and I left the game to go down to a bar.  It was nice and toasty in there and the game was on a huge screen.  We chatted with some Oregon fans and there were even some other Colorado fans in the bar.  It was nice to be inside for a bit.  Although, they say it never rains at Autzen Stadium and it actually drizzled at most despite the forecast.  The stadium was pretty nice and it had AMAZING concessions.  Way better than Folsom Field, I have to say.

 I thought this was pretty funny.

Thomas & Me, via my Instagram.

Will, Thomas, me, Ben, & Erik, via my Instagram.

The final score of the game was 70-14, which is surprising that CU's offense was able to score 2 touchdowns against Oregon (although by then they had in their second and third strings).  I accomplished another one of my goals by going to a CU away game.  That's two in one weekend!

After the game, we drove back to the farm for some homemade lasagna and homemade bread.  Dinner was delicious!  We couldn't stay too late since everybody was leaving the next morning.

It was just so nice to see almost the whole family.  We were only missing Aunt Ann (Gary's wife), my cousin Amy and her husband Aaron, Cheryl and Scott, and my cousin Brittany.  Hopefully we can all get together soon.  It was definitely a weekend to remember.

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