Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Elation Vacation - Day 3

We awoke on our first morning on the ship relatively early considering it was an inside room that was completely dark without any lights on.  We headed up to breakfast at the buffet on the lido deck and met up with the rest of our group.  We were sad to discover it was cloudy, windy, and drizzling.  Not ideal weather for laying out.

After breakfast, we all went down to the main stage for morning trivia.  My mom ended up winning, so she got a plastic gold ship on a stick.  (Her first of many.)  After trivia, we hung out around the ship some more doing different activities and seeing more of the ship.  Rachel and I went up to the very top of the ship and practically blew away!

We had a yummy lunch in our dining room with our usual waiters.  I just can't get enough of cruise meals.  You can order whatever you want and as much as you want!  We got to eat a lot of sushi on our cruise.

In the afternoon, Rachel and I went to lie down for a while and we both fell asleep for a short amount of time.  Nicole woke us up to go up to the gym for a little while.  That was pretty awesome because it wasn't as crowded as you would think it would be and it was on the very top and the very front of the ship. All of the cardio machines faced the windows so it felt like you were running, biking, or rowing with the boat!

I think after that, Rachel and I went to the hot tub, which was packed.  You would think they would have bigger hot tubs on such a big boat.  This girl was practically sitting on my lap and Rachel was pretty worried that someone would step on her sprained ankle.  This other girl was totally out of control and poured her drink into the hot tub (on purpose, it looked like) and her top was literally about to bust open.  We got the heck out of there after that!

Since we were all sharing one shower and one outlet, we had to go down to our cabin to get ready for formal night.  I don't think it's ever taken so long for me to get ready.  (Except maybe prom.)  The hair dryer we had was so weak it took forever to dry all our hair.  It was crazy.

But formal night was awesome!  Everybody looked great and the food was amazing.  I had stuffed mushrooms, lobster, prime rib, a baked potato and my usual warm chocolate melting cake with vanilla ice cream.  That sounds like a lot of fun, and believe me it was, but it was so delicious!  After we finished eating, my grandma danced with our waiter for their nightly show.

We saw a comedy show after that (actually two)!  He was hilarious.  Rachel and I decided to get a drink for the first time on the ship.  I got an appletini which totally backfired.  It wasn't that great and I ended up spilling it all over my dress.  After that I went back to my usual Amaretto Sour, but I only had one!

We saw another show after that: the dancers and performers did a rock through the ages type show.  Then we saw our second comedy show.  At least some of us.  Rachel and I stuck around after everyone else went to bed, but we didn't find anything that interesting.  We went to bed after watching karaoke for a little while.  It was a little depressing that we were calling it a night when two (very) old women were walking into the club right then.  Ha!

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