Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Elation Vacation - Day 1

Our trip started at 3:45AM on Wednesday morning.  Well, for me anyway.  I finally fell asleep around 1:45AM and my alarm went off 2 hours later.  It was lovely.  By 4:30, we were on our way to the airport.  It was still dark out.

We forgot to print the boarding passes, so we had to go to the check-in counter.  That's when we discovered Continental is now United.  Bleh!  They were a few hiccups at the ticket counter, but there was hardly any security, so we breezed right through.  When we were waiting for the train at DIA, we saw a woman that used to work at the day care center with us in Rachel's room.  She was flying home to Canada that morning and just happened to be about five minutes ahead of us in security.  It was fun to catch up for a little while before we boarded.

My mom left her library book on the train, so she went to get another book at a bookstore, but luckily her other book turned up!  Some people are so nice, but quite frankly she was lucky she left her boarding passes in the book otherwise it would have been gone for good!

I fell asleep on the flight to Houston, which was just under two hours.  It was nice to take another two-hour nap before the day really got going.  We had a pretty long layover in Houston, so we had second breakfast at Einstein's.  That's when my mom told us she heard on NPR that 2% of Americans think Mitt Romney's real name is Mittens!  How can you not laugh for days at that?!  The rest of the layover we spent reading and people watching.  I started the first Gossip Girl book while we were waiting for the second flight.  Actually, while we were on the plane waiting for it to take off.  We sat on the runway for like 50 minutes before taking off.  It doubled the 45 minute flight time.  And we were right by the bathrooms.  Super fun.

When we got to New Orleans, we got a rental car--a Kia Sol, Rachel's choice--and then drove up to Baton Rouge.  My mom dropped Rachel and me off at my cousin's apartment for the night.

Lucas took us to a famous pizza place Fleur de Lis in Baton Rouge.  They only accept cash and still use the same equipment from 1946 when they opened, but the pizza was delicious!  We had the Around the World without anchovies and it was so good!  We finished two larges between the three of us!

After that, we went up to a sushi restaurant downtown called Tsunami just to see the roof top.  We got to see the river and all the cool historical and architectural sites around it.  It was beautiful up there!  Then we went across the street to Happy's Irish Pub for another beer.

We had a blast, as usual with Lucas.  When we got home, he wanted to watch Troll 2.  He had recently watched a documentary on "the best worst movie ever" and apparently this was it.  Because I was running on probably less than 4 hours of sleep, I fell asleep about 30 minutes into the movie but it was crazy!  You should check it out sometime.

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures on day one.  Even though half of the day was traveling, we did some fun stuff in the evening.

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