Saturday, May 28, 2011


I'm happy to announce that we've finally settled on names for the two new additions to our cat clan: Dirk and Dewey have officially become Lucy & Bea.  Although Pippa and Harry are named for Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry, we decided to stray from the Royal Wedding theme a bit.  We considered Beatrice and Eugenie, but Eugenie just doesn't cut it.  I suppose Bea comes from Beatrice, which is a fairly British name.  And Lucy, we'll say that comes from The Chronicles of Narnia's youngest girl.  Another British name.

Last night, I finished folding my laundry (after letting it get all wrinkled for about a from a big clear tub.  Cats usually love bags and boxes, so I put Lucy in the box.  Pippa saw her and ran for it...straight into the box.  It was hilarious.

I decided to put them all in this box (that has no lid, by the way) while I trimmed their nails.  It worked fairly well as none of them tried to get out for a while.  But then Pippa found out how to get out quite easily, and Harry soon followed suit.  It just left the two little ones.

Bea: Help me! I can't get out.

Lucy: I'll find a way out. Bea: I think she can help us.

Lucy: I've done it! I can get out!

Lucy: Free!

Bea: I give up.

Yup, I just made those kittens talk.  Sorry about that.  Bea isn't that much smaller than Lucy.  She looks bigger because she's so fluffy, but she's a little smaller.  She's the only one that can't get onto my bed though.  I've been letting them roam free in my room and bathroom lately and unless I put Bea up on my bed, she'll usually just sit on the floor next to the box on my computer charger (which stays pretty warm).  It takes a lot of energy for Lucy to climb up here, but she can.  Harry usually just explores everything and Pippa...well Pippa can't get enough of play time.  That girl is wild.

Harry & Bea staying warm through technology.

Her favorite place.  She's even lying there right now.

Lucy & Harry trying to climb the charger up to my bed.
(Do you see Bea is missing from her favorite spot?)

My favorite Pippa picture. Always on the go.

When she's staying still, she's still ready to pounce. And the picture is still blurry!

This weekend I think I'll introduce them to the whole house since they've been here a week now and should know where the litter boxes are.


  1. I LOVE the kitten post. So adorable. And also its hysterical how you made them talk. Little mews-mews, it makes me want to get a pet.

    Great blog btw, I'm your newest follower!

  2. Welcome to Tales From a Time Out!