Saturday, May 21, 2011

Best Friends, Not Siblings

It's been a month since we had our Inception trio at the house (Ariadne, Arthur, & Mal), and ever since I got back from my vacation I've been practically beginning the humane society for some new foster kittens.

Finally, on Thursday afternoon I got a message from them saying they just had a litter of seven come in and she wanted me to take four of them.  Well, silly me thought she meant on Thursday.  She said I could pick them up on Friday.  No problem!

Well, then after I got off work, I listened to a message saying those poor little guys had fleas and were basically quarantined, but she had a pair of kittens I could take right away!  I popped over there after work--since it's just around the corner--and I was introduced to a sweet little duo.

Their housing arrangements at the humane society were right across from Arthur's.  Yes, you'll remember he had some trouble with his butt while he was here (Poor Arthur).  And amazingly (and unfortunately) it has not yet healed.  Almost two months this has been going on and they cannot find out what is wrong with him!  Although he seems to be completely unaware of the issue.  He's so sweet and cuddly.  He's active and playful.  He's such a great kitten and he looks fantastic (from the front).  They're having the vet come look at him again so they can try to clear things up and get him out on the adoption floor.

He did have free roam in the foster care department's office, but he figured out how to jump out of the room when the door was half shut.  They have one of those doors that opens on the top and bottom and he would jump up on the desk and jump over the bottom half of the door!  He's so clever.  They couldn't chase him around the entire building, so they had to move him.

But back to these guys.  They're original names are Ada and Hugh.  We changed them to Pippa & Harry

Pippa is 10 weeks old and is a domestic short hair calico kitten.  She's already been fixed since she weighs two pounds, but she's had some complications from her surgery.  She's developed an abscess under the incision, and they drained some fluids out of it recently.  It still looks like she had a tumor or something right under her skin, so we put a warm compress and give her medication twice a day.

Harry is only 8 weeks old and is a domestic short hair black kitten.  He is completely black, not a white hair on the fellow!  He's pretty teeny, so he hasn't yet been fixed.  He's in great health though and will go in for surgery in the coming weeks.

Pippa came in with her mother and sisters, but because of her abscess, she wasn't able to go out for adoption.  The rest of her family has been adopted.  Harry, I think, came in by himself.  They tried to put him with a family of black cats (mother and three kittens), but it didn't take.  Pippa needed a companion, so they tried him with her and the two are inseparable!

As I type this from my bathroom floor, where they currently live, Pippa is running around playing with a puff of crinkly paper (or something) and having a blast by herself.  She's literally running from one end of the bathroom to the other, all around me and her other obstacles.  Harry, on the other hand, is curled up neatly on the black rug I have in here.  They're really clean (compared to some of the others we've had), but they do like pushing the rug and their blanket around.

No one knew I was going to get them and no one was home when I brought them home.  Hurley and Bagheera, our cats, knew something was up, but they haven't yet come sniffing.  I told Rachel that she could go look at the secret in my bathroom, but she couldn't tell a soul!  During the finale of The Office that night, I brought Harry down and set him on the back of my mom's chair.  He crawled over next to her and she did a double take before I said, "Wow, Hurley really has lost a lot of weight!"

They're the first kittens I've brought home that haven't cowered in their carrier for a while before slowly emerging to explore their new home.  They just jumped right out and got comfortable.  They're really friendly with us, although neither of them crawl on us as much as some of the other far.

They're just adorable.  (I told Mom it was Hugh and Laurie...get it?)  Yes, they are named after Prince Harry & Pippa Middleton.

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