Monday, December 20, 2010

Holly Jolly Potluck

Last Thursday at work we had our Christmas potluck.  You know how a potluck works--everybody brings something.  Except it's great when people are from all over the world!

My friend Brian and I both brought crescent rolls.  Yummy.  Management brought the turkey, ham, potatoes, and even some other rolls.  There was so much food.  So much dessert.  Everything was so delicious.


Me & Adriana

After the eating, we all made little stockings.  It made me happy because I don't have a stocking this year.  At least one that I can see.  Since Jaime had some friends in town, she wasn't able to make it and I made hers too.

I love Pop Century and Caribbean Beach.  We get to do the best cast activities.  I just wish I had gotten more pictures.

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