Friday, April 30, 2010

Kitten's First Bath

Since the kittens have been sick with giardia, haven't been good at cleaning themselves or each other, and were just dirty in general from the house and being outside, we decided it would be best to give them a bath.  If you have a cat, you know how dangerous that may be since cats HATE water, but it was a risk we were willing to take for the greater good.  Now the kittens have a sparkling clean room and good-smelling, clean bodies.  They couldn't be more miserable.  Because I know how much you want to see what kittens look like when they aren't literal fuzz balls, here are some pictures...

Galena after her bath.

Gena after her bath.

Gena being dried off.

Gena & Galena

George during his bath.



Garrett during his bath.


George, Gena, & Galena

The bunch and the aftermath.

They actually did better than I thought they would.  It might become a regular thing to get them used to water.  Although they did get very cold afterward.  It's crazy how warm that fuzzy little coat keeps them!  Best of luck if you ever try to bath a cat...

This morning, I also accomplished #60 on my Goal List.  I called into Alice when they were talking about Facebook selling your information to make millions.  I got through to the producer or screener or whoever, talked to him, then listened to the show through my phone, but they ran out of time before my call.  It was the first time I've ever gotten through though!  YAY!  I'll keep trying for hopefully a better story.

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