Saturday, April 17, 2010


Kitten season is back! I'm volunteering at the Humane Society again. (A lot more in order to pay off my debt to society because of my last car accident.) I also brought home four kittens last night to foster. The mother, Genevieve is an all black domestic medium hair cat who has a long bushy tail. She had eight...yes, EIGHT, all black, kittens around the 12th of March. Well, actually some of them have grey-ish bellies. There are four boys (George, Giorgio, Garrett, Gemini) and four girls (Gena, Galena, Geneva, and Gabriella). I'm currently fostering George, Garrett, Gena, and Galena. Gemini and Geneva are still with Genevieve because they've lost a couple ounces since they came into the Humane Society last week. The foster care department is hoping that with the bigger four gone, those two will get more attention from Genevieve as well as more food, etc. Giorgio and Gabriella are separate from them, but still at the Humane Society. They were the least healthy coming in, so they're in their own space in order to get extra attention from the staff and volunteers, and because they need a special diet, like some other kittens that are probably two weeks old, brought in yesterday. (There are two pairs of kittens who are just a couple weeks old, and have obviously just opened their eyes.) There are a handful of adult cats in the foster care department right now, but the kittens are starting to trickle in. When I left today, they were waiting for a woman to bring in a litter of six month-old kittens.




Galena, Garrett, Gena, & George





Giorgio & Gabriella

More stories of their adventures to come! (Sorry I couldn't get a better shot of Giorgio and Gabriella. I didn't work with them, so it was just a quick photo shoot. Plus, I didn't even know they were related until later!!)

This also accomplishes #76 and #91 of my 101 goals!

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