Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ten on Ten :: January 2016

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Starting the day off with episode three of Making a Murderer. (Only to start episode ten tonight.)

Nothing like a hot bath and a good candle on a cold morning.

I'm currently fostering puppies for the Humane Society. They have a long list of people who have wanted to meet them lately, so I took them to my dad's house for my aunt and cousin to meet. My little sister's best friend also came by to see them.

1 Kings 12:7

On Saturday, Finn wasn't too fond on Tango, but apparently he didn't mind him when he was locked up.

How long has it been since I've chewed bubble gum? I've never been great at blowing bubbles, though.

It's Wildcard Weekend. Of course I'm watching football! I love some good sports trivia and history, so I think it's pretty awesome that for the first time in NFL history, the home teams went 0-4 on Wildcard Weekend. So much for winning your division! I also think it's awesome that all four quarterbacks who won had previous playoff experience, while all four quarterbacks who lost had never started a playoff game before. This also means that for the first time in NFL history, there are four quarterbacks in one round of the playoffs who were drafted #1 overall. Fun facts!

Apparently I'm a dog person now. Tango and I have never been the best of friends, but he did want to snuggle during the Golden Globes. I think it was just because I was in his spot, not because he likes me now.

Could it be Leo's year for an Oscar? Probably. Stupidly, I bet against him for February. Oh well, I already beat the same friend in two different sports bets, so it's all good. Picture from @ashleyspivey on Instagram.

 The pups were all tuckered out from a big weekend. Not quite sure how Rey thinks this is comfortable, but to each their own!

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