Monday, September 22, 2014

Pure Barre Bingo + 200 Classes

This month at Pure Barre Boulder, we've been playing Bingo and it has been a BLAST! Everyone has a board hanging in the back hallway and we get one stamp per day. It's been such a great way to build the community at the studio, as well as sparking some friendly competition. I won't lie, the prizes are AWESOME. Obviously the goal is to black out your board before the 30th, but you also get prizes for completing full rows. For me, it's been great motivation to work out more frequently.

The boxes include taking a class from certain teachers or at certain times, challenging yourself in class to stay in position during specific exercises, getting more involved at the studio by purchasing retail or participating in the Pure Give day (making a donation to Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence), and other ways to increase your health like drinking 64 ounces of water a day or attending a certain number of classes in a week.

My goal was to make it to my 200th class by September 14th, but I fell victim to poor planning in August and September, so I took my 200th class on the 20th instead. Whatever, I'll survive because it's no less exciting. At Pure Barre Boulder, we have clubs for your 100th, 300th, and 500th class, so I still have another 100 classes to go before I get to sign the barre again, but my goal is to make there before March 14, 2015. (My previous goal was July 14, 2015 but I'm going to crush it.) I basically only need to attend 15 classes a month to make it and I've been doing about that lately.

Yesterday, one of our clients completed his bingo board and was the first one to black it out! I still have eight more squares, so I'm impressed! But here's to the next 100! 
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