Friday, January 10, 2014

Ten on Ten :: January 2014

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!

1:00 | Lunch with Christian and his mom at the best Mexican place around. 

2:00 | I'm starting a three day juice cleanse tomorrow, wish me luck!

3:00 | Just a sneak peek of a very windy outfit post coming next week.

4:00 | Nothing like a pair of cleaned up brows after forgetting about your appointment two weeks ago, huh?

5:00 | We've needed a place to put spoons while cooking for a while, so I made one at Crackpots last weekend.

6:00 | I finished Gone Girl on vacation, so I'm letting my mom borrow it so I have someone to talk to about it!

7:00 | I haven't been in the studio since 2013, but I've still been squeezing in a DVD here and there.

8:00 | It makes me happy that some of the "Christmas lights" are still up; It makes a dreary winter night more magical.

9:00 | Editing photos from Cabo and dreaming of a pina colada on the beach.

10:00 | Attempting to catch up on reading blogs since I had 200 unread on my Bloglovin' feed this morning.

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  1. Love your set! I got curious about the juice cleanse and read some more of your blog -- I like the way they structured it. And good for you following through! I also finished Gone Girl...I understand wanting to talk about it. My husband (who hasn't read it) politely listened to my ramblings. :)
    And I saw you wore a Broncos shirt on your post about the cleanse...currently in Seahawks territory, but {Go Broncos!!} :)