Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Windy City - Day 2

As usual, we didn't get the earliest start on Friday morning.  (I say as usual because that day actually set the precedent for lazy mornings.)  Austin's friend Devin had spent the night at that apartment, so he joined us when we set out for breakfast at Cozy Corner Diner & Pancake House.

Julie & Austin

Me & Colin

Devin, Me, & Colin

Breakfast was so delicious.  I had French toast (which I never have), eggs, bacon, hash browns, and cranberry juice.  It was a fairly small place and extremely busy, so we were basically kicked out when we finished eating because there were so many people waiting.  Devin had to part ways with us after breakfast, so the four of us headed downtown to conquer Navy Pier.

Me & Austin

Colin & Julie

It was just a hop and skip away (okay, a train and a bus), but we made it to the huge tourist hit quite easily.  Friday was easily the windiest day while we were there, and it wasn't helped by the fact that our plans took us to the shores of Lake Michigan.  We walked around inside for quite sometime, looking at the different shops and just messing around.

There was a cool toy convention being set up for Saturday that we got take a sneak peek at.  That probably would have been fun to go to.  Anyway, we may or may not have broken a few rules and gone up onto a balcony that we probably weren't supposed to be on.  It got even windier up there, but it was a great view of Chicago!

Austin & Julie

Me & Julie

Austin & Me

Colin & Austin
(See how windy it was!)

Colin & Me

Before getting caught, we went back down to areas we were allowed to be in.  We walked out to the end of the pier.  However, we didn't spend much time there due to the wind.

Me, Julie, Austin, & Colin

Me & Julie
(A Navy Pier Tradition, see here.)

My friend Krista had recently moved to Chicago and our friend Liz from high school was out visiting her the same weekend, so we decided to meet up with them at one of Austin's favorite Mexican joints for dinner.  This place was a little more complicated to get to, but it was worth it.  It's called Allende and is basically just a hole in the wall.  Julie and I split a cheese quesadilla and a steak burrito and it was so good!  (Too bad the quesadillas were so small.)

After dinner, Austin invited the girls back to his apartment to hang out.  Surprise, surprise, we ended up playing cards.  We played some Phase 10, but those games always last forever so we decided to do the first four phases, then the last.  I won!  After that, we played Perpetual Commotion again.  I'm pretty sure Colin won, but he was also the only one that had played before.  I then taught Julie, Krista, and Liz one of my favorite games, Sixes, in which Krista dominated.  And we finally ended up playing a game that everyone had a different name for and I can't remember a single one!  Interestingly enough, Liz was on a streak of bad luck or something because she didn't do well at any of the games.  And they're all just luck!  But that's okay, it was fun.  (And later she admitted that was one of the highlights of the weekend.)

Liz, Krista, & Me

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