Monday, July 11, 2011

Beazy & Luce

Just a quick update on my kittens.  First and foremost, they're getting fixed on Wednesday.  Hopefully their surgeries go well, and hopefully they get to stay with us a little longer than a week afterward.

It seems like it wasn't too long ago when they were both under a pound, and significantly underweight.  Now they're both over 2 pounds and very healthy!
Bea has been struggling to be able to get onto my bed for a while, but last week she finally conquered it!  It takes her a lot more energy than it takes Lucy, but she's getting there.  

They're also doing better with using the litter box.  Bea especially had a lot of issues.  In fact, she preferred my carpet.  And not just one spot, all over my room.  But now they're able to stay out in my room all day and all night.  It gives them a lot more space to hang out, and they're not very destructive.

Lucy usually sleeps on my bed with me, but I think Bea sleeps under the bed.  I try to put her up there with us at night, and I think she stays for a little while, but she prefers obscure places.  Another of Bea's favorites is in between my open bathroom door and the wall.

They love to be out in the rest of the house and out on our back patio, even though that part belongs to Hurley and Bagheera.  The big cats are doing a little better with the kittens.  Hurley sometimes hisses at them, sometimes acts like he's too tired to pretend like he hates them, sometimes he actually licks them.  In fact, we've even witness Bagheera licking Bea.

Even though Garrett was the sweetest and cuddliest kitten we've had yet, I really like these two.  I'll miss them a lot when they go.  They follow me around everywhere.  And they sleep on my bed!  It's my greatest cat dream!

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