Thursday, June 23, 2011

Queen Bea & Lady Lucy

Great news on Harry and Pippa.  I know there are a lot of reports that the two have started a love affair, but in fact, they were adopted within the first week of them being at the humane society and have gone to separate families.

Last you heard from Bea and Lucy, they were significantly underweight and having many problems eating.  Now they're both well over 1 lb (almost two weeks ago they were a few ounces under) and have big fat bellies.  Because they have such small frames, we think they may have misjudged their initial age or they will be very small cats.  They should be 2 1/2 months by now, but Harry and Pippa were significantly bigger than they are and they came to us at about that age.

They had some issues with using the litter box--they were instead using our carpet or just peeing on the tile in the bathroom, but that seems to have gotten better as well.  They're the first kittens that I let roam free in my room and bathroom at night, so sometimes they sleep on my bed with me.  Although they still struggle with getting up on it.

Most of the time, they keep close to me.  If I'm upstairs, so are they.  If I'm downstairs, so are they.  They'll go off and do their own thing, and they're certainly more playful than before, but they like to know where I am at all times.  If they lose track of me, they quickly find me!  It's what I've always wanted in a kitten!

This weekend, they're getting another bath, because they're still not too into grooming themselves.  A while ago, I had to cut a clump of poop out of Bea's fur, and that still hasn't grown in, so she has a small bald spot on her back.

The duo still has a ways to go before they'll be ready for surgery, so I imagine we'll keep them until mid-July or even later. 

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