Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Amazing Pippa

The amazing Pippa is departing today.  She's reached young adulthood in recent weeks and topping out at nearly 4 pounds.  That means is time for her to go back to the humane society to find a new home--a permanent home.

We're all sad to see her go.  Watching those brown, black, and white patches flash across the room is something we've all grown accustom to in the last few weeks.  But we're especially sad to see her go alone.

Harry is preparing for surgery soon (probably this week), so he might be on his way back to the humane society soon as well.  Bea and Lucy are still struggling to gain weight, so we'll probably have these two for at least another month.

She basically plays nonstop.  She's always looking for something to do, something to climb, something to bat around with her paws.  She loves the toy we have tied to a fishing pole and will jump two feet in the air to grab it!  In fact, I don't think I've ever seen her sleep, because she's jump up at any noise.

While she was here she also got her first bath!  And I quickly discovered that she absolutely hates water!

This is my favorite picture of her.  It sums up her three week stay at my house better than anything else.

So good luck, dear friend.  I hope you find a happy home with lots of things to climb on.  We shall miss you!

-Hannah, Harry, Bea, & Lucy

Update: Yesterday when we took the kittens to the humane society, they decided to keep Harry as well.  He's doing great weight-wise and they want to just get him out on the adoption floor and he'll have surgery on Tuesday whether he's adopted or not.  Bea and Lucy are significantly underweight right now, so we've got to keep an eye on them this weekend, otherwise they'll have to go back to the humane society as well to be more closely monitored.  We're trying a number of things including yogurt, probiotics, baby food, oatmeal, and wet food.