Thursday, April 07, 2011

Poor Arthur

Arthur hasn't been feeling too well lately.  Last night when I got home from work, I went to check on the kittens.  The girls are doing great.  Their incisions are looking healthy and their energy levels have been back to normal.  Arthur, however, hasn't been eating very well.  When I looked at his incision, I noticed his bottom was red and swollen.  I won't go into further details, but I'm taking him in today to the humane society to see what the problem might be.  I've been pretty worried about him, so hopefully everything goes okay this afternoon!  Poor kitty.

Thursday night update: Tracy at the humane society took him today on my lunch hour.  She didn't give much of an explanation when I dropped him off.  I gathered from her reaction, that he wasn't going to die and that it wasn't just a nothing thing.  She had the doctor take a look at him after she was done with the surgery she was doing.  Tracy later told me that they were keeping him over night and he was going to be okay.

Friday night update: I picked up Arthur today on my lunch break.  She said he's doing well--although he hates being by himself.  They think he may have had some diarrhea as a reaction to the surgery, and that may have caused an infection of some sort.  Tracy gave me some Preparation H to put on his butt 4 times a day.  He doesn't like that very much.

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