Saturday, April 09, 2011

Cat Nap

The kittens were sleeping on Mom's bed this morning.
All lined up, with Mal in Bagheera's favorite spot.

The kittens were sleeping on the back of the living room chair this afternoon.
It just happens to be Hurley's favorite spot.
(Double uh-oh!)

Mal and Arthur finally settled on my green fleece blanket on my bed.
Ariadne was no where to be found.

I found Ariadne on the big bed with the big cats.
She looked so teeny compared to those too.
(See, told you it was Bagheera's favorite.)

She found her way back to where she belongs this evening.

Today was a pretty lazy day for them, as you can see.
They've been going crazy, running around my room and exploring everything in the last hour to make up for it, though.

I guess they love this blanket.
Now that everyone has calmed down, Ariadne has settled in underneath it.

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