Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life in Deployment

As I've mentioned before, I work at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort and Disney's Pop Century Resort.  However, our region is relatively overstaffed at the moment, and some other regions are lacking life guards.  Being a CP (meaning someone on the college program), I have to "pay my dues" if you will, and be deployed to another region.  That's just Disney talk.

Most of the CPs from my region--actually, all that I know of--have been deployed to Disney's All-Star Resort, either Movies, Music, or Sports.  I had a few friends who had the pleasure of going over to Disney's Yacht  Club Resort and Disney's Beach Club Resort, deluxe resorts where many celebrities frequent.

So far, I've worked three days over at All-Star.  It's been an interesting experience.  Of course things are more or less the same, but there's still a little bit of adjusting to do.

On my first day, I worked the morning at All-Star Music.  In the mornings, we only guard the big pools at each of the three resorts.  Music's big pool is Calypso.  Unfortunately, the way the pool is shaped--like a big guitar--there is a lot of glare on the water, so you have to rove both stands.  That just means walking back and forth for each 30 minute stand.  It actually made time go by a lot faster and Music has children's activities in the afternoon, so they play music and the kids play games.  That helps keep me entertained as well.

The second day, I was over at All-Star Movies in the morning again.  The big pool over there is Fantasia.  It's shaped like a wave, I think.  But luckily both stands are sitting stands, you just have to keep your five minute rule.  Meaning every five minutes you have to change your position, posture, and perspective.  You can sit, stand, or stroll.  That day, I got an ER--early release.  Instead of getting off at 4:30, I got off at 2:00.  All-Star tends to schedule more life guards than they need every day so if someone calls in, there is someone there to cover.  At my region, they only schedule as many guards as they need, but the zones are also adjustable, so that if someone does call in, we can still safely guard the pools.

Yesterday was day three.  I was over at All-Star Sports in the evening.  At night, we guard both the big pools and the small pools.  There's one of each at each resort.  Over at sports, we have Surf for the big pool and Grand for the small pool.  Surf is a wave too, I think.  But it's more horseshoe shaped.  And Grand is just a square, but it's a baseball field so it has the bases and a big statue of Goofy pitching in the middle.  Thanks to the statue, you have to rove at Grand.  I walked the bases 30 times my first stand over there and 29 my second stand.  Every five I would switch directions and look at the time, so it made it go by really quickly.  But during my second stand at about 8:20, everyone got out of the pool.  It was the first time I've ever guarded an empty pool, so I just talked to myself and practiced my singing until about 9:40 when two girls came with a baby.  I didn't want to seem crazy, so I shut up!  I also had to close the pool for the second time ever.  I was nervous, but the other guard made me do it because I was on Surf 1, which is technically supposed to be the one that does it.  So I made the closing announcement:

"Attention ladies and gentlemen.  The time is now 10:00 and all active life guards are now going off duty.  The pool will remain open until 12:00 and you are free to swim at your own risk.  If there is an emergency, please pick up the red phone on either life guard stand.  It will connect you directly to 911.  All pool rules still apply: No running.  No diving.  No drowning.  Thank you and have a magical evening!"

Oh yes!  We also had a cast party yesterday from 11:00 to 5:00, so Kyle (an English CP from my region) and I stopped by a little early to get food and hang out.  Mickey and Minnie both made an appearance, and Mickey actually asked me to dance.  Of course I said yes.  Minnie was dancing with Kyle, but she saw me and Mickey and I guess she's got her eye on me now.  Haha.  Anyway, I think this is my first picture (EVER) with either Mickey or Minnie!  Mom, can you prove me wrong?


  1. I'm getting super tan. I won't lie. But since I wear shorts almost to my knees and a polo every day, it's not an attractive tan. I need to hit the beach up more often.