Monday, July 05, 2010

Goodbye, Sweet Babies

Well, my dear babies left on Saturday.  After having them for months, they're finally off to find a new home, a new cuddle buddy, a new bed to have diarrhea on.  (What a cute story...)  They came home with me on April 16, just one month and four days old.  They were so tiny, so fuzzy, so clueless.  With the help of old age (I mean, they're 4 months now, that's like ten.), Bagheera and Hurley's examples, and some good nurturing from Mom and me, they've really come into their own.  We had to give them a few baths, if you can remember their first one, but now they clean themselves and each other.  George is best at it, which is why is coat looks the nicest.  We've also watched Garrett turn from solid black to solid black with a nice white racing stripe down his back, if you remember that development.

I'll miss my handsome little George, my cuddley little Garrett, my curious little Galena, my fuzzy little Gena.

Such sweet babies they were.  As a group, so much sweeter than the other two litters we've fostered.  So sweet, in fact, they would climb up on your chest while you're laying down and turn around to face the same direction as you, so their butt would be in your face.  Aww, kittens, how'd you know?!

So goodbye, G-babies.  I'll miss you, but Hurley won't.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of them (mostly from their teeny-tiny days).

And although I posted some "farewell photos" last week, here is me with them on their last day with us!

Just for sentimental sake, here is me with the grey babies (Banjo, Ukie, and Mandy) on their last day, December 17th.  Didn't get one of the first batch (Charlie, Dexter, Little Bear), though.

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