Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Elation Vacation - Day 5

We once again had breakfast at the buffet on the lido deck our final day at sea.  It was pretty easy to find everyone and we all headed up there around the same time.  Rachel and I went up to breakfast ready to lay out for a while.  It was still really sunny and warm outside, so we were desperate to catch some more rays.

When we found some good chairs and established our territory, there were hardly any other guests out.  Slowly, people started filing onto the deck to swim, to eat, and to sunbathe.  Luckily, we got two of the best chairs on the deck.  We continued to try to finish our books. (And Rachel finally did!)  I was itching to get in another work out while we were on the ship, and with her ankle, she decided to stay on the deck for a while longer.

I went up to the gym again and enjoyed their high tech machines and great view.  Rachel and I tried to find everyone for lunch, but they weren't in the dining room.  When we check the buffet, we found them.  That's when I had the worst lunch ever!  I mean, it was delicious, but imagine all the food you eat at a baseball game or a carnival...that's what I ate in one meal!  I guess being on the cruise finally got me!

That day the boat was really rocky and it started getting pretty bad while we were eating lunch.  I went back to the room with Rachel to lay down for a while.  She was definitely getting sea sick.  My mom found us back in the room, so we all went upstairs for some trivia games.  I think after that, we went back to the room to take a nap.

Dinner at 6:00 came pretty early every night when we were all sharing a shower and an outlet.  Our last dinner menu on the ship was pretty good, but it was actually the appetizers that really had everyone's stomachs growling.  I'm sure our two waiters had their hands full with the two to four appetizers that everyone ordered!  So much good food and we all wanted to try everything! Because of the rocking on the boat, there wasn't a song after everyone finished eating, which Jayson was pretty bummed about.  But as he promised, he taught me his trick.  I'll show you someday, if you ask!

We went to another comedy show that night.  It was the same guy (for the fourth time), but he was still hilarious!

Since that was our last night on the ship, we had to go back to the room early to pack in order to put our bags out by 11:00.  I think we just called it a night after getting everything together.

Sadly (or maybe stupidly) I only took a handful of pictures that day.

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