Saturday, January 08, 2011

The End & The Beginning

Yesterday was the last day of my first College Program at Walt Disney World.  I should have been all packed up and ready to hit the road back to Colorado, but since I extended my program, I instead got all packed up and moved to a new apartment complex.

My old apartment was at one of the newer complexes and only had two bedrooms, so it was a little more expensive.  My new apartment is at the oldest complex and has three bedrooms.  I'm saving about $15 a week since all the prices went up a dollar for this first program of 2011.  All added up, that's about $300 for my whole program!  Ka-ching!

Tomorrow, my new program technically starts.  Since I extended at the same location in the same role, I won't have any new training this week.  A couple of my roommates are changing both roles and locations, so they'll be starting their training in the next few days.

This upcoming week I'm deployed to All-Star again.  Because I wasn't able to transfer locations, I spoke with my managers about deploying me to other regions.  Now that I've been touring some of the resorts, there are quite a few places I would love to guard.

New CP's check in on various days this month.  It looks like we'll be getting at least one because right now both of the other bedrooms are full (two girls each), but my room has an empty bed so far.  All of the extended CP's had to be moved my noon today, so if I do get a roommate she'll probably be new.  We'll see!  So far, my roommates are all really nice.  They're from different places and work in different locations. 

I'll post pictures soon!

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